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Minecraft tower defense is a combination of puzzle, strategy, and simulation all in one game. This tower defense game is set in the Minecraft universe, making it a real treat for Minecraft fans. This fun little strategy game has simple Minecraft minimalist graphics. It’s almost like playing a mini-game of the original Minecraft series.

The game starts by allowing the player to dig up their path towards their tower. The digging is an exciting feature as it allows for a lot of different strategies form the get-go of the game; as the enemies will also take this path. The game advises use to make a wavy path, rather than to make a straight line towards your base. It’s best that you scoop out a maze-like way to your house, giving to more time to fend off the waves of creepers coming towards your base.

The game is simple to understand but hard to master, but worry not with practice you can reach the highest wave possible. The principal purpose of the game is to defeat the incoming waves of the enemies by which you will earn points. These points will be used to set up four different types of dispensers. These dispensers throw projectiles, which damages the enemies.

The cheapest dispenser costing 30 points is the egg dispenser, which is the one you will probably start with as well. With the power of 10 and fire rate of 0.6/s, this dispenser will allow you to survive the starting waves if you place them in the right spot. By the 5th wave the game picks up the pace, and by that time you will be able to choose from 2 dispensers; the snow dispenser which costs 75 points and the arrow dispenser priced at 100 points.

The snow dispenser throws snow at enemies which temporarily freezes the mobs in place; this is very useful for the fast enemies which usually dash through the path towards your base. With a power of only 5 and fire rate of 0.5/s, this dispenser is only useful when you need to slow down the waves of enemies attacking you. The arrow dispenser is going to be your primary dispenser in the latter part of the game. With stats of 30 power and a fire-rate of 0.8/s, it is sure to kill the incoming waves even in the second part of the game. Lastly comes the most expensive dispenser, the fireball dispenser.

The Fireball dispenser costs 200, but the fact that its projectiles knock the mobs back the price is justified. This power is instrumental in tower defense games if placed in the right place enemies can never come close to your base. Making this an overpowered dispenser, however, the game also offers traps that are placeable on the dug-up path.

The traps are also of 4 different types and offer different types of defense. The first trap is the cactus trap costing 20 points which damage mobs on contact; this trap can be used for three times before it ends. The second trap the water trench trap and this slows down the enemies but does not damage them, useful for slowing down the fast-paced enemies. This trap is available for 25 points, and it does not run out, meaning it’s a one-time cost. These were the essential traps which can be useful in the start, however in the last stages of the game; you have two more choices of traps.

It’s the lava trench trap which is similar to the water trench trap. However, this one also does damage of 3/s Burning the mobs on contact. This trap costs 150 points which might seem expensive, but don’t worry later in the game points come quickly. The last trap is the TNT trap, and it will explode in 3 seconds after buying it, killing anything within the range of two blocks. This trap also costs 150 points and does tremendous damage; the price might even seem cheap.

Gear yourself up for some Minecraft style tower defense and reach the highest wave possible.

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