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Whether you want to sit back and relax trying your favorite outfits on one of your beloved characters or just crave to fantasize spending time with the boy of your dreams, our Girls games collection has got all you ever need! Fulfill your fantasies by sporting your favorite character’s attire, with our vast range of characters. Be it a cute girl, a young lady, a beautiful model, your favorite Disney princess or just a newly introduced cartoon character, you can do it in our free girl games online!

Put your creativity and imagination to work in the girl games for kids. Check out our girl dress up games if you want to let that budding fashion designer inside you to soar while customizing model’s outfits your own way. Enjoy your favorite Barbie girl games or try a variety of girl cooking games to fulfill your artistic cravings of baking or cooking your favorite foods without the hassle of buying the ingredients and without your parents having to worry about you ruining their kitchen! Or, you can delve into the romantic adventures of your preferred characters with our collection of kissing games for girls only. Try going deeper into the love story of the most charming guys with their admirable senoritas! We assure you that our realistic animations and immersive gameplays won’t let you down!