Are you looking for an immersive gaming experience that blooms your expectations? GamesEverytime recommends you the best gaming speakers for this purpose! Games, today, need the newest technology surround sound systems to match the gameplay with the sound effects. In order to get immersed in the gaming world, you should choose the most befitting surround systems to make the gaming experience as real as possible. Remember to go for quality because there are a host of advantages better speakers have over less equipped competitors. Leaving behind the earphones and surround headphones, the dedicated sound card and massive subwoofers can generate any sound far more accurately. After all, the sound is as significant as the graphics when you want your gaming experience to go utterly realistic. Only surround sound can provide the much-needed mood and character the gaming enthusiasts strive for. Moreover, one of the hidden repercussions of installing a competitive gaming speaker system is that it makes your reactions and impulses faster due to your brain picking on every little frequency.

You might have come across a gaming chair with speakers or the wireless rechargeable ion game day speaker. They make you realize the importance of sound while gaming.

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Editor’s Choice

Editor's Choice of Best Gaming Speakers

Best for PC Gaming

Gaming speakers can drain your pockets if you are looking for something bombastic. Therefore, it is prudent to reckon your options before buying the best PC gaming speakers. GamesEverytime’s recommendations will surely be based on quality, durability, and affordability to provide you exceptional value for money!

The Cyber Acoustics CA 3908 2.1 Speaker System is a remarkable choice if you are a beginner and are looking for a powerful and immersive gaming experience with incredible affordability. If you are a tough and professional gamer, AVerMedia Ballista Unity 2.1 Gaming Speakers holds the true Gaming DNA and can suffice to any gamer’s needs. These gaming speakers are going to unleash your true potential.

Best for Console Gaming

Console gaming speakers are a big deal in the market. They essentially are built and marketed around the idea of a Home Theater System – effective for movies, music, and games. However, dropping hundreds of bucks on the surround sound system can be impractical and costly. GamesEverytime’s recommendations are truly based on quality and affordability with substantial durability to keep your more than satisfied with your investment.

The Yamaha NS SP1800BL 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System is the perfect pick for novice console gamers because it provides thunderous sound effects in a remarkably low price tag as compared to its rivals. For experienced and professional gamers, GamesEverytime suggests going with Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System to give you the ‘surrounded’ feel you need for an ultimate immersion experience.

Top 6 PC Gaming Speakers

Here are GamesEverytime’s recommendations for the best PC speakers for gaming:

1. Razer Nommo Chroma

Razer Nommo Chroma
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A prominent speaker system isn’t necessarily the requirement for every gamer. For certain gamers, maintaining a minimalist aesthetic is quite essential. The more prominent speakers you use, the more clutter you find in your gaming setup. Razer understands this correctly, and the Nommo Chroma fits the bill perfectly.

Instead of a speaker system with a woofer, you get only two tiny speakers. Each speaker is only three inches tall. Yet, the sound they manage to produce is stunning. Razer certainly knows how to build products for gamers. The sound is super full, giving you much more immersion while you’re gaming. Furthermore, the drivers are exceptional and provide the overall sound with much more depth.

Additionally, to counteract the lack of a subwoofer, both speakers have bass ports on the back. The bass port helps increase the quality of the bass entirely.

GamersEverytime’s review

The Razer Nommo Chroma is a brilliant speaker option for PC gamers. The small size ensures that they’ll easily fit into your setup. Furthermore, the chroma lighting also helps maintain the aesthetic. You can sync the lighting settings with your PC accessories to get the best results.

When it comes to sound, the performance of the speakers is quite decent. When you take into consideration the minuscule size, the sound performance is brilliant. The bass ports in that rear help give that much-needed oomph. However, you won’t get the same results as a subwoofer unit.


  • Frequency response: 50-20000Hz
  • Build: Glass-fiber reinforced
  • Inputs: 3.5mm audio jack, Digital USB


  • Chroma lighting
  • Minimal size
  • Immersive sound


  • Not enough oomph
  • Not as sturdy
Cyber Acoustics-CA 3908 Subwoofer Speaker
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Cyber Acoustics is known for having an amazing sound profile offering the real value for your money, and the CA 3908 is no different. Looking stylish, the sound system is built for gaming-only individuals but could be used for other audio purposes as well. A 2.1 channel speaker system for games offers a highly conducive sound environment for gamers. This subwoofer speaker system supplies a clean, premium audio quality at all volumes, offering you immersive gaming experience. The system includes three PC speakers, a control pod with aux input and a headphone jack, and dual satellite drivers with passive radiators. The desktop control pod allows you to control your sound system completely. The satellite speakers aid the sound system to provide clear highs and mids while the 6.5-inch subwoofer supplies accurate bass.

GamesEverytime’s Review

While shortlisting the best PC gaming speaker, we found Cyber Acoustics appealing due to its premium quality. Generating booming outputs at practical configurations, it can easily cater to an average-sized room. However, not so impressive in the backyard, a little tweaking of the output settings can get you the right sound. Remember to never cross the 75% of total output, anything above that can jumble with the sound quality. If you find your requirements just matching with the configurations of Cyber Acoustics CA 3908 gaming speakers, you should not worry about spending around $100 on it.


  • Output Power: 92 Peak-Power Watts & 36 RMS Watts
  • Subwoofer type: Active
  • Features: Passive radiator
  • Input: 3.5mm headphone jack; AUX port


  • A clear and audible sound at normal settings
  • Control pod provides total functionality – headphone jack, AUX port, on/off button and volume/bass controls
  • Subwoofer with thunderous bass
  • Satellite speaker separation reasonable enough with long wires
  • Affordable and highly capable gaming speakers
  • Magnetically protected speakers


  • Light construction material
  • Bass gets jiggly after 75% volume

3. Genius SW-G2.1 2000

Genius SW-G2.1 2000
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Prevalent in the market since 2010, this model of Genius is one of its first. New and improved versions surfaced after SW-G2.1 2000 like the G2.1 3000 but no other model got so much acclaim. It still musters the support and sale amid gamers and non-gamers. Genius gaming speakers have got sufficient output power to render a mind-blowing experience for any gaming, audio or multimedia session. Creating more resonance, the satellite speakers have a remarkable reach due to their slightly elevated stature. With a price tag of $100, these speakers provide a good return on investment.

GamesEverytime’s Review

The ingrained scorpion logo and the LED lining compose a great gaming speaker setup. But its functionality is deeper than its appearance. With the various highs and lows of the game, the strobing lights of the speakers bring an immersive feel for the gamer. These speakers are great for use with gaming, television, consoles and mp3 audios. An external DAC could get handy when more bass output is required. Generally, 2.1 speakers are designed to give optimum performance for no more than 75% by volume. Remember to tune the volume and bass controls to enjoy a pleasurable experience. With the required output, an average-sized room can boom with the noise of the gaming speakers. The sound profile with a headphone is also arguably one of the best you can have, so plug them in when you don’t want the guests disturbed.


  • Output Power: 45 RMS Watts
  • Build: MDF Wooden Housing
  • Inputs: RCA Stereo; 3.5mm primary and AUX input; 3.5mm headphone jack


  • A capable and affordable gaming experience
  • Magnetically protected speaker and reasonable aesthetics
  • Speaker uses AB Amp.
  • Zero distortion gaming speakers
  • The subwoofer and gaming speakers are wired separately
  • Dedicated controls for volume and bass


  • Bass shaky beyond 70% volume
  • Clarity distorts with high volume
  • Satellite speakers don’t come with front protectors, so be careful while handling
  • The fake chrome finish is not lasting and fades with use
AVerMedia Ballista Unity 2.1 Gaming Speakers
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Specifically tuned for games, these gaming speakers differ from the normal multimedia sound systems in a number of ways. Starting with the aesthetic, they look right out from an Assassins Creed scene. The seemingly loud design appeals gamers to the core. The functionality of the system goes deep because the setup offers a completely separate control box to connect all the RCA cables from the satellites and the subwoofers. The Ballista has been engineered purposefully for PC gaming, so it compromises its mid-range capability to that of the highs and bass of the game. Beyond 75% volume levels, adjust the volume and bass to skip distortion. The Control box is the best part about this system, which makes up for quick access and convenience for the inputs.

GamesEverytime’s Review

Reproducing sounds successfully, we did not find any complaints in this gaming speakers set. It provides an immersive gameplay with pleasing LED lights that don’t flare much. For an average multimedia user, the aesthetic is not so appealing. The build is not sturdy and the system doesn’t house any kind of material that protects it from dust. With a price tag of $116, this set satisfies most of the gamers.


  • Output Power: 77 RMS watts
  • Build: Lightweight construction; 3-Way Satellite Speakers: Twin dual channel 2.75″ satellite drivers and a custom designed 3/4″ ceramic-metal hybrid 1″ tweeter for stunning audio reproduction.
  • Inputs: RCA, 3.5mm headphone; AUX port; L-R component inputs


  • Independent control box with easily accessible controls
  • Mountable satellite gaming speakers
  • Great aesthetics for gamers
  • Zero static at max volume levels with appropriate settings


  • Costly
  • The design appeals to gamers only not to generic users
  • Could use more protective shielding for damage and dust

Top 5 Console Gaming Speakers

Here are GamesEverytime’s top recommendations for Console/TV gaming speakers setup:

Best Gaming Speakers - Yamaha NS SP1800BL 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

The Yamaha is capable of delivering one of the most thunderous sound performances. The entire gaming speakers system has four 2-way satellite speakers with dual 2.5-inch subwoofers and ½-inch tweeter, a 2-way center speaker paired with an 8-inch 100W powerful subwoofer with wall-mount features. The entire setup comes with magnetic protection and is powered with Yamaha’s active stereo technology. This technology combines the speaker and amplifier output to produce an even better sound profile. The surround sound delivers a full-range frequency from 28Hz to 50 kHz. The apparatus is also locked with dust protection grill. One of the best surround sound systems in the market, Yamaha surely provides a seamless performance required by avid gamers.

GamesEverytime’s Review

The powerful subwoofer synchronizing sound output with the speakers produce the most impressive surround sound, thanks to Yamaha’s active stereo technology. For people who are looking for a great 5.1 home theater system, Yamaha is just the right pick. Yamaha boasts a sound profile that is unheard at the $150 price tag. The technology also helps create an effective sound-field that generates an immersive gaming experience. The design of this setup is quite minimal and simple with a dark matt finish. The aesthetic blends in quite well with the arrangement of your room. The wall-mount capability also makes it convenient to prevent static generated from television cables. The initial settings are easy to control because the system comes with a handy user manual. It’s something worth the price providing an incredible surround sound experience.


  • Output Power: 600 watts peak-power; 270 RMS watts
  • Build: Acoustic Suspension Design with sturdy construction
  • Inputs: RCA; 3.5mm headphone jack; A/V output


  • Advanced Yamaha Active Stereo Technology
  • Magnetic Shielding
  • Exceptional Surround sound
  • Affordable price


  • Rear speakers could be much stronger in volume output
  • Audio fidelity could be better
  • 5.1 amplifier’s built-in power of 50W is less
Razer Leviathan - Elite Gaming and Music Sound Bar with Dolby Surround Sound
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“One Sound Bar to Rule Them All” is the slogan Razer uses to explain the Leviathan. It is among a few Bluetooth enabled gaming soundbar systems that exclusively cater to all the requirements of gamers. It boasts a 5.1 surround sound just from the Sound Bar. Razer proclaims the introduction of Dolby technology with dedicated drivers and subwoofer to throw out 5.1 surround sound effects. The Leviathan sound bar features four fairly tuned drivers that prevent impedance and create a resonating effect all across the room. With the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, you can stream live music using any cord. The bar can also function on its own without the subwoofer.

GamesEverytime’s Review

Razer might not be the replacement you are looking for against a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system but it sure gets close to what a home theater feels like. It produces very crisp highs and mid-range frequencies with the subwoofer dropping the thunderous bass. The immersion experience is quite deeply pronounced if placed close or in your arm’s proximity to get the surround effects. With a seemingly high price tag, Razer surely gets the aesthetic. Looking dynamically compact, it is priced just under $200.


  • Output Power: 120 RMS watts
  • Build: Lightweight and aesthetically compact construction; 4.4lbs bar and 5.2lbs subwoofer
  • Inputs: A/V output; 3.5mm headphone jack; AUX port


  • Unique SoundBar design occupies much less space as compared to its rivals
  • The subwoofer produces powerful bass
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity with NFC pairing for wireless play
  • Lack of cables; minimalistic setup
  • The bar can operate without a subwoofer. It can also be purchased without it


  • Not the replacement of a 5.1 surround sound system
  • Auto power-off after 20 mins of idle time may annoy some users
  • Proprietary connectors for the subwoofer can break if used with force
Paradigm Cinema 100 CT 5.1 Channel System
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Canada’s largest speaker manufacturer, Paradigm is known for its high-end subwoofers and high-performance speakers. The Cinema 100 CT sports a 5.1 channel system with five satellite speakers and a subwoofer, priced around $600. This may seem pricey to you but Paradigm operates in one of the most expensive sound systems in the world. This is an affordable offering for gamers with the required gaming experience. The CT, in the name, stands for Compact Theater and the solid design also complements it. The aesthetic of the gaming speaker’s setup is chic and designed with precision. The satellites are built from mineral-rich polymer and glazed in glossy black matte. Best part, the Paradigm badges are not ingrained on the setup, so it’s up to you to keep the system anonymous or branded. The entire speaker system can be easily mounted with clean installation mechanism.

GamesEverytime’s Review

We’re blown by the sound performance. The accurate composure, the brisk subtlety, and fresh clarity generate a terrific and immersive gaming experience. The sound is free from any static or distortion even at the max volume and bass outputs. It beautifully reproduces the high and mid-range frequencies enriching the gaming sounds altogether. The harmony between the satellites, center, and subwoofer creates the smoothest sound waves with immense power. Surround effects are delivered with the utmost precision. But what sets this system apart from its rivals is the subwoofer. Ballistic and thunderous, the performance of the subwoofer defies its size. Boasting a costly price tag, the Paradigm CT 100 offers a luxurious quality and performance through its compact system.


  • Output Power: 300 Watts peak-power; 100 RMS watts
  • Build: Sturdy construction; Superior S-PALTM Satin-Anodized Pure-Aluminum Domes with powerful neodymium magnets and ferro-fluid cooling for increased power; Superior S-PALTM Satin-Anodized Pure-Aluminum Bass/Midrange Cones
  • Inputs: RCA; AUX port; 3.5mm headphone jack


  • Powerful bass and sound quality; Wire Mesh Tweeter Guard and WaveGuide technology ensure a smooth, wide panorama of audiophile-quality sound
  • Elegant design and construction of the entire setup
  • Solid aluminum construction.
  • Easy wall-mount and table-top installation


  • Jiggle table-top stands and binding posts
  • Expensive as compared to competitors.

Important Considerations To Buy The Perfect Gaming Speakers

PC Desktop Speakers vs Console Speakers

While scores of gamers prefer headphones for gaming nothing can beat the performance of a solid speaker setup especially if you give sound the same importance as you do to graphics. Purchasing the best gaming speakers involves a lot of thought and research. You need to narrow down your use to either a PC or a console – obviously, the size of the speakers vary across PC and consoles. It depends generally on you; what you find interesting can have a lot less appeal to someone else. For PC, go for best PC gaming speakers with 2.1 channel system and a subwoofer. For console, opt for a 5.1 surround sound system to get the sound you need.

Gaming Speaker vs Headphones

It’s an interesting question, why go after an expensive surround sound system when you can get 5.1 surround headphone? Isolation is the most important trait for headphones. But prolonged use of headphones can actually cause harm to your ears. Because the proximity of the headphones is closer to the ear, they don’t give much space for sound waves to travel. Configuring a headphone is as easy as plug and play. You may have to undertake installation of drivers for a speaker system. Additionally, the reproduction of sound effects is far better with speakers than headphones. After all, gaming speakers are built with precise stereo imaging. On the contrary, headphones are significantly more usable in multiplayer games, where interaction with the opponents and partners takes place throughout the game. We believe that the best gaming speakers are suitable for first-person shooting, solo campaign mode and even for general purpose gaming. If you are an avid gamer, you should have the best of both – a headphone and a gaming speakers setup.

Why You Need Speakers For Gaming?

Only a few speakers are specifically built for gaming, otherwise, all are multipurpose. Gaming computer speakers can define a better immersive experience and provide the much-needed sound effects craved by gamers. The sound effects help you make judgments in the gameplay like hearing incoming footsteps, gauging the elevation of a jump and assessing the speed of passing objects. Always choose the gaming speakers with a headphone jack because they eliminate the static usually witnessed during the use of a headphone mic.

Gamers normally call speakers their ‘third eye’, so finding the best gaming speakers can really take your gaming experience to the next level. Providing subtle clues and details about the slightest of noise helps you to react swiftly against your enemy. Besides that, the sound effect essentially creates the mood for an immersive experience. Once you find the perfect gaming speakers, the next thing to consider is its placement. All this matters to get the best performance from your sound system. A suitable carpet or floor skin can also amplify the effect of sound waves bouncing off hard, creating the surround experience. Place the satellites of the sound setup above the ear level to actually make you feel ‘surrounded’.

Must Read – Buyer’s Guide

It is essential to have a thorough knowledge of gaming speakers to determine the best product tailored to your needs. Each of the factors mentioned below will give you a significant insight into what should be under scrutiny while choosing the best computer speakers for gaming.


The subwoofer is the most important component of any gaming computer speakers system – yes, it pumps it up! It regulates and thumps the sound to provide the appropriate bass with your audio channels. Adding a subwoofer to the setup gives an immersive experience because the sound effects get intense. It’s a good way to step up the feel of the gameplay.

Receiver Setup

Either you use a 5.1 channel subwoofer system or a 2.1 channel subwoofer system, both provide a detailed experience. The choice entirely depends upon your requirements, however, the performance of the 5.1 is more immersive. If you have an average-sized room, a 2.1 can provide you the sound effects highly synchronized with your gaming experience. That said, a 5.1 will do that job better because of the high-powered subwoofer system.

Room Size

Something that almost all buyers ignore while purchasing the gaming computer speakers is the environment they are going to use them in. Taking the size of the room in consideration is extremely important. Even the best systems can underperform in certain situations. A 2.1 channel system can provide you with just the right sound clarity and quality but when you play it outdoors, the performance largely underwhelms. Let’s dig deeper with the science behind sound waves. Every sound system comes with a minimum range and separation. Separation means the distance between the speakers so that it avoids static. A 2.1 channel system requires low separation due to two-way audio channels. On the other hand, a 5.1 channel system requires significant space separating the speakers to produce output from each audio channel accurately.

Sound Bars

Sound bars have recently been floated in the gaming speakers segment and stirred PC gamers significantly. Companies are making these bars with powerful sound outputs and compact stature. Sound Bars mimic proprietary technology by packing multiple speakers inside the bar. The best performing bars on the market can provide the 5.1 surround effect if used with a subwoofer. The portability of this bar is well-liked. GamesEverytime’s take on sound bars is slightly shaky – we don’t recommend buying these bars due to the hefty price tags attached to them and the supposed 5.1 surround sound effect they claim to produce.

Speaker Specs

Technically speaking, the specification of the speaker is the only thing you need to consider. Power output, high and mid-range frequency of the satellites and subwoofer really matter. A 2.1 surround setup has two speakers. The 1 after the decimal signifies the presence of a subwoofer while the 0 tells otherwise. The number prior to the decimal tells the number of satellites. A 2.1 surround system is mostly what you should look for unless you are playing on a console. In that case, you may require a 5.1 surround sound system.


Are gaming speakers good for music?

Yes, depends on what genre of music you are playing. Normally, EDM requires a powerful subwoofer and spatially separated satellites to get the beat right. High and mid-range frequencies across all genres can be played flawlessly by gaming speakers. In fact, they are built to provide the ultimate clarity and quality of sound.

Why are good speakers important for computer gaming?

What you hear is equally important as what you see. Better sound effects produced by gaming speakers help you make quicker decisions while gaming. Also, gaming speakers provide an immersive experience for the gamer to get truly involved in the game.

How to eliminate static from speakers?

Static noise can be generated through various sources. The most common source could be the poor grounding of wires. For that, check all PC cables and reroute speaker cables with as much separation as possible. Keep speakers distant from the rest of the equipment to avoid the clutter of cables.

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