Top-Quality Gaming Gloves of 2020 (Warm, Cold & Fingerless)

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To prevent blisters and excessive sweating gaming gloves are crafted from nylon, lycra and silicone palm pads. They provide maximum comfort in PC and Console gaming. You might wonder why you need best gaming gloves. Countless hours of game playing without any ergonomic support can rattle your bones, especially your hands. Sitting for hours with the elbows raised can cause strains in the back and damage your wrists pretty bad. You might get sick when the console or the mouse starts slipping out of your hands right when you need your fingers to perform the fastest. Literally, gamer gloves might as well be the best solution to this problem.

A gaming glove is a tight-fitting compression glove that allows ventilation and helps you maintain complete control through your hands. Mostly, an all-weather fabric is used in construction that provides good grip both in cool and warm temperatures. These gloves for gaming can be worn by any gamer to radically increase performance because the fastest fingers win the day. Whether you are a relentless button-smasher or a console-freak, these video game gloves can make you go for long hours without getting your fingers throbbing. Similar to sports gloves, these gamer skins come with splints and bobs to increase wrist support. Some have a sporty look and feel, while others are simple wrap-around styles going all the way up to your arm. The basic concept behind the ergonomics of these gaming gloves is to keep the wrist straight all the time.

Which Gaming Glove is Right for You?

What makes a glove perfect to fit a gamer’s needs? The suitability depends upon the game setup you have. If you have a PC well-placed on a desk, make sure your elbows are in line with your diaphragm and your wrists perpendicular to your shoulders to get the most out of your gloves. The right kind of gloves depends on the type of gaming you want them for. For PC gaming, there are PC gaming gloves that are engineered to provide greater wrist support and flexibility along with better finger dexterity. For Console game playing, fingerless gaming gloves with the good moisture-wicking material can get the job done. From cheap to highly expensive varieties, there is a wide range of options. They get better as the price tag inflates. You may be foregoing quality features to get the cheaper options. That being said, the market has diversified intensely to bring you the best when you are on a budget. On the other hand, not all products offer value for money. Some manufacturers exploit consumers through popular marketing not providing what they promise. When buying, just get a skin check in case of allergies that may arise out of the use of these mittens. Also, keep in mind the following before choosing your pair.

Gamer Gloves Elite Performance Generation

Playing Form

The kind of gaming you are involved in decides the right pair of gloves for you. If you are a PC gamer, then you ought to choose something that fits the description of a PC gaming glove. The console type might just not serve the purpose here.

Playing Type

The type of play is vital in choosing the appropriate product. If you are a low-movement player, you should probably choose the fingerless gaming gloves which might also save you some money.

Hand Size

Always know the size of your hands and the manufacturer’s size categories. Pay extra attention to the size if you are ordering online.

List of 5 Finest Gaming Gloves

Captoglove 1.0

Vr Gaming is most definitely the future. Through devices like the Occulus and HTC Vive, VR has become increasingly accessible. These gaming gloves work only with VR games. There’s no additional benefit to using these gloves.

However, when it comes to VR gaming, the gloves are magnificent. They give you an incredible sense of realism. They effectively make VR gaming even more immersive. The gloves allow you to use your hands to perform actions within the game.

The quality of the material is also exceptional. According to the company, the gloves use the same material as premier sporting equipment. The company offers a plug and play setup. However, there are certain aspects you must consider. Captoglove offers regular updates that improve the gloves as well. If you’re willing to invest in these gloves, they are an excellent option for VR gaming.


  • Material: Premier sporting
  • Weight: 16.7 ounces
  • Colors: 1
  • Sweat Control: No


  • Great design
  • Brilliant Material
  • Immersive gaming
  • Great customer support


  • High price
  • Difficult setup

5. Armaggeddon Calibre Gaming Gloves

Armageddon Calibre

Extreme gaming can result in physical strain to the body especially your wrists and fingers. If left unnoticed, such competitive activity can result in compression neuropathy and eventual nerve damage like the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). This particular pair of gaming gloves helps reduce the strain and provide essential comfort for enhanced performance during extended gaming sessions. As promised by the manufacturer, they provide neuropathic strain relief for enhanced gaming endurance. In easier words, strain to the fingers and wrist resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome can easily be avoided with the use of Armageddon Calibre.


  • Material: EVA
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Sweat Control: No


  • Comfortable rubber beneath the wrist to raise hands height and increase blood flow
  • Fingerless for maximum grip and agility
  • Perfect for cold environment
  • Lycra composite is good for wrist joint


  • Sweat can accumulate easily since the material is not breathable


Gloves for PC Gaming

These are forged to be attuned to the hands of the gamer in any kind of PC game setup that involves the use of a desk. These are designed ergonomically to alleviate or reduce the effects of extensive video gaming by maintaining a technically viable position for the hands and fingers to move quickly and repetitively.

Gloves for Console Gaming

These are more or less made with the same material used for PC gaming. However, they normally are fingerless. Sweating caused due to excessive game playing can hamper performance and dexterity of the gamer. With these mittens, there is no need to keep rubbing your hand with your pants. It provides an altogether better game experience boosting your performance too.

Gaming Gloves for Cold Hands

Warm up your cold hands. No matter how extreme is the weather, these warm gaming gloves ward off the cold with effective material like fleece to add warmth without intervening in your gameplay. These fingerless gaming gloves with knitted leather also provide the essential temperateness necessary to keep off the cold.

Gaming Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Lay off the sweat with this gaming accessory. Lots of gamers go through this problem and this becomes a reason for their below-par performance. These gaming gloves can make your frustrations go away. The moisture-wicking material absorbs the sweat and the palmar grip of the glove gives your firm control of the mouse or the console controller.

What Features Should You Consider While Buying Gaming Gloves?


The moisture-wicking fabric keeps your hands cool and comfortable. The breathable second-skin fabric also guarantees relief while playing for long hours.


Isometric rubber grip arrangement in the palmar section of the glove eliminates the slippery and greasy feeling using the controller or the mouse.


High-Quality ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA – used in the padding of extreme sportswear) is also creased into the wrist cushion to relieve pressure and increase motion gestures.


Neoprene in the deepest layer of the fabric keeps your hand warm while you rattle it out in air-conditioned and chilly tournament arenas. It proves maximum dexterity and agility.


Lycra lining used in the glove decreases the friction between the arm and the surface of the desk.


Lifting the height of the wrist matching to that of the fingers’ aids in the blood flow to the tips of your fingers.

Gloves for Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality (VR) is a world of artificial intelligence that brings the interaction between human and machine even closer. This helps us to look at it from an entirely different dimension. Most importantly, the programmers who design VR games and accessories have complete control over the entire interface and set the fundamentals of the game. For humans, there are various kinds of gear available in the market for proper functioning through their senses – touch, sight, and sound. Wearables like VR gloves give you the necessary action and control along with precision and performance. They also act as an interface between the virtual reality and your world.

How to Choose a VR Gaming Glove?

When you decide to buy a pair of VR gaming gloves, you need to take into account certain factors. There are a variety of products available each having their own pros and cons. Every glove comes with a unique selling proposition. To choose the right pair, take into consideration the factors mentioned above.

Know the Reason Behind your Choice

It will be easier to decide on a pair if you know what you are looking for. If you just want an immersive experience, then any glove that fits right into your budget will satisfy your need. However, if you are an avid gamer, you should be critical about the available options and choose the one that best fits your requirement. Know what to experience also matters – if you prefer low-latency and don’t mind staying connected to cables, look for gloves with wires. This might be required for agility and competitiveness in the VR environments.

Know the Feeling

If your hands get soaked in sweat while playing, then you probably should be looking for something that is washable and/or breathable. The construction and design of the glove will largely influence the feel you get from the wearable. The innovations are rapid in the industry sprouting new upgrades and changes frequently to match the growing consumer demand.

Know the Price

This is the most important factor – go for what fits right into your budget offering the highest value for money. From highly expensive to lowly priced, the market for Virtual Reality gloves gives you a wide range to choose from. Just be sure that the product matches your requirements on a consistent basis. You might regret buying something off the shelf that’s too flashy.


Gloves for gaming come in all shapes and sizes with various functionalities. The technology employed to manufacture them can vary vastly and serve a broad range of customers. Although the PC and Console gaming gloves are inexpensive and provide support and relief from physical strain induced by longer hours of gaming, VR gloves take you into an altogether different direction of immersion and virtual reality environments. The usage of these gloves can be considered beneficial for all gamers across the board. Now, it all depends on what type of gaming you are involved in. If you are a keen PC or Console gamer, there are brands that can suit your wrists and hands perfectly providing you the agility and comfort with quicker strain relief and recovery. On the other hand, VR gloves are for gamers or simulators programming in virtual reality and they are expensive and relatively high in features. Choose the one that suits your requirements because they are all designed to improve your gaming and virtual experience. Human-computer interactions have made great developments and it’s a brave new world we are living in. So, brace yourselves for what’s coming!


Are gaming gloves worth it?

Answer: They totally are. They provide your wrist and fingers the support you need to play games. Also, they allow you to perform well and outclass your opponents in multiplayer environments. They are totally worth the money you spend on them.

Why you need gloves for gaming?

Answer: They are designed to aid you in playing and give your fingers and wrists the support they require for long gaming sessions. Moreover, there is so much variety like gloves for cold hands, sweaty hands, PC, Console, and Virtual Reality game environments, which make them a must-have for avid gamers.

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