Have you ever used a microphone? I’m sure most of you would shake your head saying no to this question. And that is understandable since most of us haven’t had a chance to perform at live shows or stand-up events in front of an audience. Fortunately, microphones have a new derivative in the form of gaming microphones that allow you to connect with an audience that is practically not in front of you. These mics are used by gamers, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers worldwide for a number of reasons, such as recording audio for game reviews and gameplay videos. You can spread your message effortlessly, which was almost impossible 2 decades ago. The gaming microphone has gained popularity over the years and today most gamers invest heavily in a good microphone for gaming to record crisp game commentaries and make their stream more effective.

We have tested and presents you the best gaming microphone in the market that would help you boost your Twitch and YouTube channel. So, what are you waiting for? Read on and discover some of the best mics in the industry, right now!

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Editors Choice Best Gaming Microphone

Editor’s Choice

There are plenty of brilliant gaming microphone sets on our list but the one that catches our attention most is Blue Yeti. Blue Microphones have come a long way and developed a market-grabbing USB gaming microphone that has all the required features at an affordable price. It has a simple plug and play functionality, captures good quality audio, the gain control alters sensitivity, there are various recording modes, has a headphone jack to listen directly, and it can be mounted on a microphone stand for ease.

10 Finest Gaming Microphones

Here is an assortment of gaming microphones from various brands that GamesEverytime thinks are the matchless. If you are looking to upgrade your old mouthpiece, pick one from the list below.

3. Blue Yeti Gaming Microphone

Blue Yeti is a Best Gaming Microphone
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The Blue brand started making audio equipment in 1995 and has been liked and favored by musicians, audio recorders, streamers as well as gamers. As a result, it is the top-selling USB microphone game. The reason? They are practically plug-and-play, cheaper than the rest, and sound exceptionally well. The Blue Yeti is one of their best USB mics. It has a headset jack (very useful for gamers as well as streamers), a mute button for when you are not feeling like chatting during the game, a volume control toggle and a handy switch to shift between various recording modes. One cool feature that sets it apart from other best gaming microphones is that it is available in seven attractive colors including Blackout, Whiteout, Platinum, Vintage White, Silver, Midnight Blue, and Space Gray. The Blue Yeti has three condenser capsules that record soft audio, the dream of every Twitch streamer. Recording modes include cardioid to pick up audio only from the front of the mic, bi-directional to receive sound from both directions (great for interviews), omnidirectional to take in all the environment’s sound, and stereo, which is much more suited to your song recording taste.


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz–20kHz
  • Connector: USB output connector
  • Compatibility: Windows Vista, 7 or above; Mac OSX 10.4.11 or higher
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty against defects


  • Best features for a marginal price
  • Attractive colors available
  • Great for all types of audio recordings


  • Could have had the features of Yeti Pro


The Blue Yeti is not the best gaming microphone in the world with the best sound capturing capability, however, it is a deal maker due to its relatively cheaper price tag and functionality. When you see it, you will love the range of buttons and toggles provided for volume adjustment, changing recording mode, the headphones jack placed purposefully on the bottom of the microphone, and an adjustable stand.
The Yeti has exceptional gain control and sound pattern adaptation that will make you forget about any of its shortcomings. As for shortcomings, it has a nature of capturing too much ambient noise. The small stand is a bit too inconvenient since tall guys have to bend down to get that isolated audio effect.

5. Blue Snowball iCE

Blue Snowball iCE
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Blue also has a budget mic for beginner streamers and non-serious gamers. The Blue Snowball iCE is a direct competitor of Audio-Technik’s ATR 2500. The Snowball is a good microphone for gaming if you don’t want to spend too much on a mouthpiece. It does the job for you. It’s simple, smart, and easy to use. The built-in pressure gradient transducer uses the USB connector to record your voice in a 16-bit/44.1 kHz sound resolution. There is no headphone jack and the volume adjusting button is missing, which is a deal breaker, considering its competition provides the same feature at a similar price.


  • Frequency Response: 40Hz–18kHz
  • Connector: USB output connector
  • Compatibility: Windows Vista, 7, 8 or newer; Mac OSX 10.4.11 or higher
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty against defects


  • Low-budget gaming microphone
  • Easy connectivity through USB


  • No headphone jack
  • Pretty average frequency range


Even though the Snowball is a cheaper alternative by Blue it has two important recording modes. Here you can switch between omnidirectional and cardioid recording modes. We would definitely recommend this gaming microphone headset since it covers all the basic necessities of gaming such as reducing ambient noise. However, for streaming purposes, a more expensive microphone for PC gaming would be better.

MXL USB 006 Cardioid Condenser Microphone
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Marshall Electronics MXL started manufacturing microphones in 1998 and while earlier microphones had no connectivity through a USB connector, now they do. The MXL mics are known for their studio quality sound recording ability, noise cancellation, low distortion, an expansive frequency range and competition-beating price. Marshall Electronics’ is well-versed in microphone making and that shows with the MXL USB 006. It is one of the cheapest microphone options available in the market for budget streamers and gamers. The mic is plug-and-play meaning there is no need to install the software in order to use it. The MXL USB 006 has a 6-micron gold sputtered diaphragm as well. Furthermore, it has a headphone jack and records clear and crisp voice, especially for a cheap gaming microphone. Not only that, it looks great too. The gray on gray combination provides a premium and professional look to the pressure gradient condenser microphone.


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Connector: USB 2.0 output
  • Compatibility: Windows and Mac OS
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Good quality
  • Headphone jack and USB connector
  • Clear voice


  • Bit expensive than its siblings


The MXL USB 006 offers noise cancellation and captures high definition sound that other mics in this price range are not able to do. However, it is still not on par with some offerings by premium brands such as Blue and Audio-Technica. When you buy the mouthpiece, you get a carrying case, a mic stand adapter and a windscreen as well as a long 10ft USB cable. These should certainly be a huge positive for all of you on a stringent budget.

7. MXL Tempo SK

MXL Tempo SK

The MXL Tempo SK comes with a slight change. All the basic features are same as KR except that the Tempo SK is more expensive than its sibling. And that is because the SK is offered in a unique color. Talking about the performance, the gaming microphone works excellently to capture the soft isolated sound that streamers and gamers love to record. The compatibility with major operating systems is also a big advantage since you can shift from one OS to another without any problem.

GamesEverytime’s Review

The gaming microphone is great for chatting with teammates inside a game or for recording game commentary and podcasts. Although you will not get radio-like sound, where you can literally hear and feel an RJ’s voice depth, you get a close alternative at a very economical price. Furthermore, you get various color options with this mouthpiece that is sure to bring some aesthetic improvement in your gaming or streaming setup.


  • Frequency Response: 40Hz–18kHz
  • Connector: USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 output connector
  • Compatibility: Windows and Mac
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty against defects


  • Very cheap
  • Warranty is a bonus
  • Attractive color and design


  • The voice capturing is not great
  • Other alternatives are better
Samson C01U Pro USB Studio Condenser Mic
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Samson is one of the oldest microphone making companies. Their operations started with only two employees in 1980 and since then the company has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. The Samson C01U Pro is the company’s newer and better version of the first USB studio microphone, the C01U that it launched in 2005. This gaming microphone comes with a supercardioid pickup pattern that effectively minimizes recording of background sounds, which make it ideal for recording youtube videos, game voiceovers and podcasts. The mic element is also shock mounted, which reduces unwanted vibrations and allows for recording and delivering a clear and crisp sound.

GamesEverytime’s Review

Priced at $100, this best cheap microphone has excellent sound quality. It has a brilliant aesthetic appeal with its classic studio style design that most gamers and streamers love. Moreover, the C01U is not big and bulky. Samson attracts customers by providing excellent build quality and a tripod stand that you can flip to place the mic on your desk. The company has provided features that allow you to fit the microphone on a stand, if that’s what you like.  Furthermore, as is natural with condenser mics, you have to sit close to be heard, otherwise, your voice will not be clear.


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz–20kHz
  • Connector: USB output connector
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS X
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty


  • Affordable
  • Tripod stand, swivel mount and USB cable included in the package
  • Durable build


  • Does not capture high-frequency sounds
  • No Gain adjustments
Audio-Technica AT2005USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone
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Taking the top spot on our list of the best microphone for gaming is Audio-Technica. The brand has been making audio recording equipment for over 50 years. Initially, the company started manufacturing phonograph cartridges for vinyl records and progressed a great deal over the years. Audio-Technica audio recording equipment has achieved milestones such as recording World Cups and Live concerts in the best quality. Their best gaming microphone is the AT2005USB. For under $100 price, the USB mic is the best match for a gamer. Thanks to a frequency response range of 50Hz-15kHz, 16-bit depth and 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate, the cardioid condenser microphone records crisp and clear sound while reducing pickup of any background noises. Moreover, you get a headphone jack! It is also considered best microphone for youtube gaming.

GamesEverytime’s Review

The AT2005USB is perfect for live streaming because it’s well-suited to all major operating systems like the Windows 7, Mac 10.6, and iOS 7.02. The headphone jack is a big plus for gamers, who can seamlessly connect the microphone to their preferred OS and enjoy chatting with their in-game teammates. All this quality and accessibility comes at a very affordable price. If you want, you can even fit the AT2005USB into the threaded clamp stand that comes with the mic to free your hands for seamless gaming. Furthermore, it gives you greater connectivity than the previous AT2020 since it comes with a built-in USB interface and a USB cable.


  • Frequency Response: 50Hz–15kHz
  • Connector: USB type/ XLR type
  • Compatibility: MAC OS X; USB 1.0 or 2.0; 64 MB RAM (minimum) & XP/Vista/Windows 7; USB 1.0 or 2.0; 64 MB RAM (minimum)
  • Warranty: 1-year limited end-user warranty


  • High-quality mic
  • Cheap
  • Professional recording possible
  • Headphone jack
  • Durable metal construction


  • The clamp stand is small, could be troublesome for taller gamers with low tables
  • Lack features like ones offered by Blue Yeti
Zalman ZM-Mic1 High Sensitivity Headphone Microphone
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Zalman is no stranger when it comes to noise canceling microphones and it is definitely proven thanks to the ZM-Mic1 clip-on gaming microphone. Do not mistake its low price for low quality; that is definitely not the case. Through years of specialization, Zalman has learned the art of producing quality components at a competitive price and that’s why it makes a debut on our list of the best microphone for gaming. The gaming mic clips-on to your shirt and connects to your PC or mobile via a headphone jack. The long cable allows you to move around like you are having a stroll in the park. Furthermore, it connects to a 3.5mm jack, which is highly impressive. Condenser mics have a tendency of picking too much ambient noise, especially if they are not of a very good quality. Zalman allows you to spend less and gain more with their ZM-Mic1.

GamesEverytime’s Review

Zalman captures suitable sound, whether you’re recording podcasts, streaming on Twitch or screaming at your opponent while playing Call of Duty. The plug-and-play setup comes really handy, especially for those who are not aware of electronic shenanigans. However, it could be termed as a slight upgrade to your headphone mic since a little extra noise and your voice gets lost in the noise pollution.

All these brands we mentioned above provide the best mic for gaming. So, what are you waiting for? Compare, decide, and go get one for yourself!


  • Sensitivity: High
  • Cable Length: 10 ft


  • Compact and easy to use
  • No need of USB port
  • Can be used with mobile devices


  • Low-quality construction
  • Clips are fragile

What to Look for In A Gaming Microphone?

The purchase of a gaming microphone depends upon a few factors. Do you really need it? Will it work with your existing setup? Are you capable of paying for it? For the last question, we have discussed ways to make you capable. That leaves the other two factors. Obviously, if you had the money to buy a high-end microphone, you would go ahead and buy it without needing our help. We have compiled this list for those of you who are looking for a lot of features at an affordable price.

Which Connector Is Suitable for You?

There are two types of connectors, one is obviously USB and the other is XLR. The XLR is used to capture high-quality rich sound but there’s a catch. You need to have a sound card compatible with XLR to be able to use its special features. That’s an extra expenditure on your plate, something we are trying to avoid. Xbox and PlayStation consoles will need an external audio unit that connects directly to their optical audio outputs. The decision is yours; if you really want a high-definition audio, then XLR is the way to go. If not, a USB gaming microphone should easily suffice.

Does Your Mic Have the Right Frequency Response?

This is one of the major things to consider when buying a microphone for gaming. While manufacturers boast on their wide frequency range microphones, in reality, the frequency is not that great, especially for low-priced devices. Most of the mics you’ll find have a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response, which translates to less bass and high treble.

Plug and Play Capability

While most of the microphones for games have plug and play support, some are premium requiring a separate installation of software in order to function. You need to find one that works perfectly with your system.

Ambient Noise Reduction

There are three basic types of microphone recorders: Omnidirectional microphones are sensitive in that they sense your voice and catch it even if you are not speaking right into them. However, that means the environment’s noise seeps in.

Lavalier Microphones, on the other hand, are very handy in the sense that they clip-on directly to your clothing. They save space and reduce ambient noise by being very close to your mouth. These are great for YouTubers or people on the go.

Then there are Unidirectional microphones, which are liked by Twitch streamers and gamers. They only grasp the sound coming from one direction, so if you speak to them, there will be very little to no ambient noise.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

You might agree with us when we say that electronic equipment is unreliable. Nobody knows when they will stop working. Manufacturers try their best to create durable products but in case you get a defected microphone, the manufacturer’s warranty is a lifesaver. Look for at least a year’s warranty, if not two.

What Should Be Your Budget?

After comparing all the microphones above, you might have a question in your mind. If all microphones are priced closer to each other what should you choose? And does paying a high price make a difference?

The answer lies in your ability to afford and your requirement. You need to decide which one is easier to sacrifice. If your requirement is an expensive gaming microphone, you might have to sacrifice a bit on your savings and spend more on the mic. Normally, buying an expensive mic means you get the best quality, best sound, and best features. Let us burst your bubble; that’s not true. Most electronic items you find in the market are overpriced simply because they belong to a well-reputed brand. These brands sell their name and place exorbitant prices on their products. You can easily find substitute products that are similar for lesser bucks. However, if you have decided that a particular costly gaming microphone is what you want, then you have to find out ways to increase your purchasing power.

Borrowing money from friends or family is easy and since some entry-level microphones do not cost much, you can easily pay back the loan. Don’t shoot too high, else, you have to face an unnecessary debt burden. Moreover, you need to factor in your requirements. If you cannot increase your budget, you have to sacrifice on the features. You can always upgrade when your financial condition is better. That being said, many cheap microphones capture great sound, as we discussed above. So, you do not lose much with cheaper options.

Another great option is to consider buying a gaming microphone jointly. Gather your game friends, fill-in the money gap, and get a microphone. Each of you gets to share the mic and there is no fear of paying back the money. Just remember sharing is caring!

If you already have a huge following on YouTube, Twitch or other familiar sites, you can use crowdfunding programs such as Patreon that enables your followers to donate money to you in exchange for some merchandise or other items, the possibilities are endless. In this case, not only do you get to connect with your fans, you also get to enjoy stuff practically for free!

How to Set Up a Microphone for Gaming?

A microphone can be set up in various different ways. All depends on the type of microphone you are using. First off, practically all mics are plug and play. That’s very fortunate, as it saves a lot of your time. No need to install time-consuming software programs.

If you are using a clip-on mic, there is really nothing you have to do except placing it on your clothes probably your collar, plug it into your system console or PC, open your audio recording software, and start recording. It’s that simple! However, there is a bit of twist when it comes microphones with no clip-on. You can’t hold them in your hand since you won’t be able to rest your hand. Moreover, you can’t put it down on your table without a holder, as that would cause it to catch unnecessary noise.

Best microphones for gaming have a built-in holder that flips out and works like a tripod. That is convenient but not for those who have a cluttered and messy desk. Such people need a separate stand or arm that can be easily bought from a music store for placing the gaming microphone on it. Hence, it reduces noise and frees your hands. Connectivity with these mics is also plug and play, so there should be no problems in that regard.

How to Record Gaming Commentaries

In earlier days, gaming was a form of entertainment. However, interestingly, gaming has become a form of social activity these days where people interact with each other. We are talking about online servers which have allowed you to play with people on the other side of the world! This expansion in the game world has brought to us many game forums and communities. Then we have YouTube which is by far the biggest cause of this expansion. Gamers, nowadays, not only enjoy playing games, they create gameplay videos with commentary. In order to make a game commentary, you need a good unidirectional gaming microphone with exceptional audio recording capabilities, a PC screen recorder, and an interesting game to comment on.

Furthermore, you need basic knowledge of editing both audio and video (we are sure YouTube can help out with that). Start playing the game you like and create a recording. Audio recording is a challenging task. If you are knowledgeable in that, you are good to go!

The Process of Recording Through Microphones

If you are seriously considering making your own gaming commentary videos, the gaming microphone that comes with your headset won’t work. By spending a little money, you can buy a dedicated USB microphone for the very purpose. There is absolutely no need to spend loads of money in a high-definition studio mic for such videos. Doesn’t matter if you want to record audio with the video or plan to record audio later, we recommend a USB microphone.

Software Options

Most gamers use a capture card that allows the gaming microphone to fit right in and you don’t need a separate software for recording. Capture cards such as Elgato has its own built-in software that diminishes the need for any third-party software. The audio directly syncs with the video, reducing editing time for you.

Otherwise, free recording software like Audacity can be downloaded from the internet and used to edit audio clips. The software offers some amazing features that you can use to add finesse to your recordings. Just add your gaming microphone as the input source and start recording. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

However, if you have a basic software program like FruityLoops or ProTools, you can seamlessly record audio and fine-tune it using the onboard effects. The audio can also be added with video and edited using Windows Movie Maker or iMac. Find what suits you best and work with that to create your very own commentary videos.

Sharing Your Video

As soon as you are done with the shooting and editing your video, it is time to share it on popular social media sites like YouTube and Facebook. Export your video in the highest quality and the best format like mp4. Building a following is difficult on social media, so you increase your chances of being noticed by using multiple video sites like Vimeo and Twitch to expand your horizons. Once you have uploaded the video, add relevant tags, give it a proper title, something people will notice, and post it. Initially, you can even paste links to your video on your other social media accounts like Google+ and Twitter. Many successful YouTubers follow this method, why shouldn’t you?

How We Test?

There are so many reviews out there about the best gaming microphone, so why should you trust us? That’s because we have a team of professionals who have experience in the studio recording and are game commentators. So, any advice from us is backed by years of experience. Below are a few things we considered:

Recording Quality

First off, our experts checked each of the above-mentioned microphones for their recording quality. The mics were connected to PCs and a number of different sounds were recorded. The experts tested the mics from far away, in noisy places like their living room and made a decision based on the results of the recording. To keep the results unbiased, at least 3 different audio recording software and high-quality speakers were used.


Then our team of experts tested the mics against various instruments like the drum, guitar, and violin. They spoke softly and screamed into the mic and judged the microphones based on their adaptability to high and low decibel sounds.

Future Testing

In order to keep our results and list relevant, our team of experts listens and adds the latest mics to the list, so it does not get outdated and you find only the best recommendations.


What is the best microphone for YouTube gaming?

The recommended Blue Yeti is the best gaming microphone for YouTube gaming.

How to connect microphone to PC?

It depends on the type of connector. If you have a USB microphone, simply insert the USB in the PC. If you have an XLR connector, plug it into the capture card to record audio.

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