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Dinner Dash is a Strategy and time management game.

The game revolves around “Flo” a young woman who leaves her tedious 9-5 desk job to start her own business. This business is a restaurant, and you have to handle everything from seating the customers to clearing their tables after they have had dinner. It may sound simple in the beginning, but it won’t take long till you find out just how hectic this game gets.

This time management game is extremely fast-paced, which makes it changeling. The objective of the game is straightforward, satisfy your customers. Customer satisfaction is achievable by performing task like; quickly placing the customers on tables, taking their orders, delivering it to the kitchen, when it’s ready bringing it to the right customer and lastly cleaning the tables when they leave — allowing you to use the tables for more customers. The customers’ satisfaction is conveyable by a heart-shaped meter it starts with 5 hearts, however if the customers have to wait for the hearts will decrease if the customer is kept waiting the points you earn on the happiness of the customer, keep in mind if the customer has waited too long they will get upset and leave. Reaching the target number of points allows you to progress the level.

The difficulty increases when you meet your goal for the day, progressing you to the next level. As you move forward in the game it becomes hectic as more tables, and more customers become a part of your restaurant, even the restaurant undergoes minor changes with each level. These changes are only cosmetic, but they give a sense of progress and achievement.

The game has a story mode which consists of meeting a particular target for a day once it achieved the level ends and you can select new upgrades for the restaurant. This game offers another game mode named the “Endless shift” in this mode, there is no said target to achieve, and the stream of customers is endless. The shift ends when all your stars finish, each angry customer that leaves costs one star. There is also an upgrade button that appears at times which allow you to purchase improvements.

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