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JUST TYPE THIS is one unique online game you can play right now. The game is incredibly simple and all you need to play is a keyboard.

The game has a very minimal aesthetic. It uses an entirely plain purple background and the words on the screen show up in a white font. The game also uses retro sound effects that aren’t very obtrusive and add to the aesthetic of the game.

The purpose of the game is pretty self-explanatory. You need to type the words that appear on the screen. Your initial impression of the game may conclude that it’s a simple game to asses your typing speed. However, that’s not the case.

The game does test your typing speed, but it does so much more than that as well. As you make your way through the first few words, the game introduces a character. As you type the words on the screen, the player also moves. It may seem like a novelty addition until you realize that there are obstacles as well.

Hitting these obstacles will result in the death of your character. Once your character dies, the level resets, and you have to begin again. The game requires you to have nimble fingers and a high typing speed. It’s also an easy way to sharpen up your typing speed, and the game will end up making you better at typing.

However, the game isn’t all about speed. There’s a significant amount of strategy in the game as well. You won’t merely get through by typing as fast as you can. Some levels have intricate puzzles that require you to wait and slow down before making your move. Typing fast is still an important aspect, and you’ll struggle with the game if you’re slow at typing. As you progress, you’ll notice a significant spike in difficulty. The game can be incredibly frustrating, and you won’t get past every stage on the first try. Trust me you’re going to fail a lot. One thing that can help you is a better keyboard. If your console is slow, you’re going to be at a significant disadvantage.

One redeeming factor after all this failure is that you will progressively get better at the game. Due to its pure nature, anyone can quickly become a master of the game. It’s just going to require a lot of practice. After mastering each level, you can impress all your friends by showing them your skills. Then you can proceed to enjoy yourself as your friends continue to struggle with the game.

The game is a unique proposition in the sense that not only is it a lot of fun to play, but it’s also going to sharpen up your skills as well. Not only will your typing speed improve, but your hand-eye coordination will also get better. You’ll be able to type fast without having to look at your keyboard. So what exactly are you waiting for, get ready, and get typing!

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