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You must be familiar with Bubbles classic! It’s a total fun game with an unlimited number of challenging levels which offers you to play, play and play. Such games are a treat to the fans of Arcade glory.

You can play this game tirelessly for hours, and guess what? It will blow out your stress too. People who love to play shooting games or bursting bubbles can’t get enough of this game.

Game Rules

There are no such hard and fast rules for enjoying this game. You got a playing field, filled with small balls or bubbles in the upper area and a movable shooter fix at the bottom which shoots the bubbles on command.

Just tap the desired location on the game field where you want the ball, and it will shoot the ball. The simple goal of the game is to clear the playing field by forming groups of three or more bubbles of the same colour. When three or more bubbles of the same colour meet, they burst and fall.

Bubbles which are not attached to anything will automatically fall. Play the game smartly to burst more bubbles with a single shot. Thus, it will help you to earn more points.

The game ends in two ways; either you cleared the field, or the balls reach the bottom line of the area.

In the first case you will be the winner while in the second, a dialogue box will appear saying ‘Game over.’ So, you don’t need any witchcraft to play this game, just patience and a right eye.

Game Type

There are three difficulty levels generally mentioned as Beginner, Moderate and Expert.

You can play either the Classic mode to keep the game simple or addictive Strategic and Arcade modes.

The Classic mode is slow-paced gameplay with no time or shots limits. While the strategic mode will provide you with a game with the limited shots and Arcade with a limited time. Choose the game type according to your taste and put your logic and strategy skills to the test as you make your way around tricky challenges and solve puzzles.