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Pizza Clicker is one of the best idle clicker online games you can play today. All you need to play the game is a mouse or a trackpad. The objective of pizza clicker is that you run a pizza store. The aesthetic of the game features the typical pizza place cloth in the background. The pizza is in the center of the screen. If you click on the pizza, you’ll make a certain number of pizzas.

While you can click to make Pizzas, the bar on the top shows you how many pizzas are sold per second. On the left of the bar, you can see the number of baked pizzas you have. You can use these pizzas you accumulate to either buy upgrades or buy ingredients. The upgrades are on the right side of your screen, and these follow a humorous theme. One update describes itself as “Mysterious animals have learned to make pizza.” Each upgrade increases the number of Pizzas your produce per click. The best upgrades let you reach astronomical numbers of Pizza production. Each update also gets more expensive, and you can only buy these upgrades once.

The ingredients, on the other hand, serve a completely different purpose. Adding elements will increase the number of pizzas you produce automatically. Like the upgrades, the parts are available at different prices. However, unlike the updates, you can buy ingredients repeatedly. As you buy a specific component, its price will increase, but the level of production will also increase. Furthermore, the elements also add a decorative aspect to your pizza, meaning that you can get creative as well.

There’s no real goal to the game apart from maximizing the number of pizzas you sell. The number of pizzas can increase infinitely, and you can reach genuinely dizzying numbers. Combining the simplistic nature of the game with the complex upgrading system creates a very addictive experience. The game is tough to stop playing once you get into it. Plus, Pizza Clicker will also run in the background, so you can leave the game running to accumulate pizzas. You can then return periodically to check how you’re doing.

It’s not possible to do this effectively at the start of the game, though. As in the beginning, the levels of your production are too low. You’re going to have to click with the best of them to get enough pizzas.

An effective tactic to get the highest possible score in the game is to prioritize getting upgrades first. Use updates and clicking to gain an advantage on Pizza accumulation first. Once you have a good number of Pizzas, you can spend them to get ingredients to improve your pizza production in the background. After that, you can relax and let your pizza shop work its magic.

If you’re upset about the way your Pizza is turning out, you can reset the entire look of it by spamming tomato sauce. Do that, and you’ll have an empty canvas again.  If you’re ready to own the most successful pizza parlor in the world, then try out this game!

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