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If you’re looking to play a post-apocalyptic game that is also adorable look no further, I saw her standing there… but then she was a zombie is one of the sweetest stories you can play online. The game begins with an adorable cut scène that takes you to the starting menu. You can change some of the quality options in the settings and the music of the game as well. Overall the sight of the title screen will brighten your day.

The story of the game begins with your character learning that his girlfriend is becoming a zombie. Once you get close enough to your girlfriend, she becomes a zombie and starts to follow you. If she manages to touch you, you will die, and the level will restart. The objective is to get her into the cage. The stage will end once you get your girlfriend into the cage. On the ending of each level, you also get a message that connects the whole story.

The game has an adorable graphic style, and all the characters are stick figure renditions. In the background, you have an acoustic guitar instrumental playing which adds to the aesthetic of the game. Furthermore, the environment changes as you progress through the game to match the mode of everything.

The game is essentially a platformer and becomes progressively more difficult as you progress through it. However, the central core of the game is still the story. Throughout all its acts, the game will have you going aww at different moments. If you’re overly emotional, you may even shed a tear. However, the lighthearted story is bound to improve anyone’s day.


The controls of the game are incredibly simple. You can either use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to control the movement of your character. The W key is for jumping, and the longer you press the key, the higher you will jump. Additionally, the game also has weapons in it, and you can use the space button to shoot. However, be careful not to end up killing your girlfriend.

She will follow you based on proximity and is also faster than other characters in the game. You’re primarily responsible for all her moments, and if she falls or gets any damage, the mission will fail.

After you complete the game, you get the chance to replay the game with a few more features. There are also several cheats that become available to you once you complete the game.

I saw her standing there… but then she was a zombie is a refreshing new take on the zombie game genre. The ending also gives a very humorous take on what would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse. Maybe we’ve been spending all this time looking at zombies the wrong way. The game is a fun puzzle adventure with a lot of heart. So don’t wait anymore, get ready to trap your zombie girlfriend in a cage!


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