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Give up the game will make you do precisely what the title of the game says. It’ll make you want to quit pretty soon into the game. The game is built to frustrate you the players and will surely test how much resolve you have.

The premise of the games is incredibly simple; it’s necessarily a puzzle-platformer game. However, if you think you’re going to have an easy time as you do in most online games, you have another thing coming. Give up is one of the most brutal puzzle games out there. We guarantee that you won’t make it past this game with zero deaths.

The game uses dark graphics and a suspenseful soundtrack to build up the level of tension. Each stage of the game has creative aspects that challenge your grasp over the competition. It may seem incredibly comfortable due to the simple controls, but the game is tough as you progress through the levels. Every single one becomes progressively harder. On the bottom left of the screen, you’ll find the give up button. The creators of the game merely include this button as a tool for mocking players.

The gist is that if the mission becomes too tricky, you can exit the game by pressing the large blue give up button. Upon pressing the button you’ll meet a cut scene and we’ll leave the contents for you to discover.

Another character you’ll continue to interact within the game is Tasselfoot. Tasselfoot is also the name of the games creator. Within the game, he takes the form of a Robot that monitors you and interacts with you. If you remember the Portal series, you’ll notice the similarities to Gladys of the Portal series. Apart from explaining the tutorial, the mad robot will continue to haunt you at every stage in the level. The more you die, the more taunts you’ll get from the robot, making you want to give up the scene.

You can see the progress you make in the bottom of the screen. When the development reaches 100%, you’ll complete the game. Furthermore, there’s also an option to access the walkthrough from the bottom of the screen. The walkthrough can help you get past each stage of the game.

How To Play Give Up?

The controls of the game are fairly simple; you can use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move your player in the game. The jump button is essentially the most important thing in the game. The longer you press the key, the higher will be your jump. Additionally, you can also double jump in the game that leads to you getting past some of the most significant obstacles in the game.

The main objective of the game is never to give up. Prepare yourself for a world of hurt as you try to get past each stage in this incredibly hard game.


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