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You might not be sure about playing a game that goes by the name of Douchebag’s Chick. However, you shouldn’t judge a game by its cover. Douchebag’s Chick falls into the line of satirical games in the Douchebag’s series.

The primary purpose of the game is to get as popular, successful, and beautiful as possible. The game basis itself on the vanity of people. The life of somebody that’s aspiring to become a reality tv show star. The game has some adult themes as well, so it’s not a game that children should play. The game essentially puts you into the role of the Douchebag’s chick. Once you start, the game is you’ll realize that your purpose is to turn your character into the ultimate Reality Tv star stereotype.

You’ll need to meet your goals using a variety of different ways and techniques. The game lets you start as an average girl with only one outfit. You can go to the store and buy as many outfits as you want. However, you’ll need to get a job first. The game takes a lot from the Sims series. Each Job in the game will have a specific criterion that you’ll need to meet to start working.

The game lets you completely customize the look of your character. You need to work towards becoming more attractive progressively. You can upgrade your looks by going to the beauty enhancement center. The enhancement center will have different upgrades that you can get to alter the look of your character. Changing your look will allow you to earn points in the beauty category. The beauty category is one of the criteria you will get jobs on and therefore you’ll need to upgrade it to meet your goals.

Additionally, the game also has a social system where you’ll have to interact with your in-game social media. You can post annoying status updates and make friends so you can throw parties. Throwing parties in the game is also essential as it allows you to build your network.

As you put in the grind to become a reality TV show star, the environment around you will change as well. You’ll get more friends hanging out at your place as well as a pet dog that you can carry around.

The game has specific suggestive themes, but it’s important to remember that everything is tongue in cheek.

The game doesn’t have any specific endpoint; there’s just a set number of tasks you need to perform. Once you complete all the tasks, you can effectively continue to earn money and throw parties. You are living the life of a reality TV show star.

The controls are simple; you have to use the mouse to select specific options.


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