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Just words is a multiplayer online version of Scrabble. This fantastic game allows you to play against other people all across the globe, and if you are not in a competitive mood, you can even practice against the computer.

The game is played just like Scrabble, so if you know the rules of Scrabble, you can quickly master this game. Don’t worry if you don’t as this article will explain the laws of the game in detail. The board of the game has a total of 169 Squares in total, with 13 Squares in each row. One tile containing an alphabet can fill each square.

You start with six tiles in your hand and 78 in your bag; you need to use these tiles to make words. By doing so, you will earn points, at the end of the game the player with the most points wins. The game will end when either player runs out of tiles or when both players pass on successive turns. The game follows a simple format, simple to understand. Onwards to how-to-play.

You can directly drag the tiles that are in your hand onto the board to make words. If you don’t like that way of doing things you can use the assembly area, on which you can type or tap letters to pre-assemble words there. When using the assembly area, the background will light up; this means you have a valid word allowing you to drag the complete word to the board. The red X present on the top of the assembly area or the letters on board played in this turn, by clicking on the Red X you can clear the alphabets. It functions like the backspace key on our keyboards.

By placing tiles on squares with colored dots allow the player to score more points. The colored dots are very easy to understand; they come in two colors being Red and Blue. If the dots are Red, then the score will multiply according to the word points, i.e., the total score of your complete word. If the dots are blue, then the score will increase just the letter points and, each letter has a different rating ranging from 1 to 10. Another thing to look for is the number of dots if the dots are two, the word points or letter points depending on color will double, and if the dots are three that means triple points. Make sure you use these bonus areas as much as you can, allowing you to earn high scores.

If you are unable to make a word with the tiles present in your hand, the game allows you to exchange any of your blocks by placing them on the assembly area and pressing the “exchange tiles” button. If you do this keep in mind, your turn will be skipped meaning you won’t earn any points in the turn. It is also imperative that at least six tiles be remaining the bag to exchange the blocks.

The game also offers a shuffle tiles button, by clicking it will scramble the order of the tiles in your hand. The random shuffle will help in times when you can’t think of a word; the random shuffle might reveal a word that you didn’t know of earlier.

The third and last button under the assembly area is the pass button, as mentioned before if you can’t make a word you can pass. If both players pass in succession the game ends, and the one with the most points wins.

If you need any help to solve these scrabble letters you can check word jumble solver.

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