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This fun, quirky free online game is all about chicks and those who adore this tiny creature will go crazy for the chicks after playing this lovely and engaging game. Can Your Pet is about raising your chick, caring for it, and training it to make it one of the most adorable pets ever.


Can Your Pet entails an indulging gameplay where you get to raise a chicken and pet it at first. It is fun feeding your cute chick, decorating it, cleaning it up and ensuring it stays safe. You can play with your chick, wash it and hug it as you like but make sure it stays happy and well-fed. You wouldn’t want it to be sad or angry. The next level, an interesting one, involves training your pet, so that it can do fun stuff and take care of itself. There is a twist to the end, so watch out for that.


  • Decorate and feed your pet
  • Clean and train your pet
  • Play with your pet
  • Can Your Pet fun mode
  • Twist to the Ending

How To Play

Can Your Pet is one of the best online free games for chick lovers. Use your mouse to interact with your pet and click to select different options for feeding, washing or decorating the chick. A must-play!

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