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Tasty Planet is a fabulous game that takes you on an exciting journey where the planet is a decadent delicacy enjoyed by the tiny ball of grey goo. The fun-packed online free game includes interesting stages, splendid graphics and yummy planetary objects. A great game stacked with exciting goodies and places for exploration that will keep you hooked to the screen!


Tasty Planet is for those gaming buffs who love nosh-on-some-yummy-stuff gameplay. The little grey ball loves eating and it will eat just about anything in the planet, from dirt and bacteria to houses and complete planets. The more it eats, the bigger it gets and that’s your mission. Make your grey goo as gigantic as you can to score big in the fun game as it has the potential to eat anything smaller than itself. The grey ball was actually created for washroom purging and it was supposed to eat only bacteria, waste or dirt but the eat-machine noshes on anything it touches; bugs, cats, trees, cars and even entire planets. You sure don’t want to miss out on this amazing game.

How To Play

With 160 different objects to eat and 40 exciting levels, Tasty Planet is worth playing. Use your mouse to control the movements of the grey goo and click to start munching.

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