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Torture Game 2 is a cool free online game that is similar to the conventional yet popular ragdoll-style game offering a cornucopia of torture tools and weapons. A title with a highly popular and controversial game plot, Torture Game 2 takes from its predecessor the elements of fun infused action and indulging gameplay.


The gameplay of this online game includes a ragdoll that is a captive victim at your mercy and you can paint it, shoot it, hack it up or skin it to create an artistic canvas. The game offers a wide selection of tools and torture weapons to mutilate the body of the ragdoll to create fantastic artwork. Since the victim is confined to the game space, so you don’t need to be scared of it but be careful, as it will fight back to evade your attempts at torture. Have fun using interesting tools and methods to paint or skin your ragdoll while it puts up a fight to foil your moves.

How To Play

In order to create an artistic masterpiece in Torture Game 2, you need to use your mouse to select tools for hacking, skinning or splashing the ragdoll with paint and controlling the various movements.

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