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Paper Minecraft has been played 17,391 times and received a rating of 4.53 / 5 (91%) from 47 votes.

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Game rating: 4.53 based on 47 votes.

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The number of Minecraft tribute games out there is tremendous. Very rarely does game garner such an online cult following. Several games are just a byproduct of the unyielding dedication of the fans to the product. Paper Minecraft is one such example. The game is brilliant. It first came out in 2013, and ever since then, the game has been receiving constant updates.

Essentially the game is a 2D recreation of the Minecraft world. Players get to explore a fascinating open world. The player follows the game in a side-scrolling manner, which gives the game an interesting mechanic. There are necessarily 3 different game modes that the player can enjoy.

First up, we have the survival mode in which players will have to collect and manage resources. They’ll also have to keep an eye on their health levels. Several animal encounters provide the option for players to earn food. All the mechanics from the original game are present. Players can use the resources they collect to craft items that are going to help them on their journey. You have to make good use of your time and prepare yourself for the night. As the night falls, you’ll start to encounter more dangerous creatures. Make sure you build yourself a shelter so you can survive as long as possible.

Secondly, players can enjoy a creative mode. This mode serves as the world builder for the game. Resources are more comfortable to collect, and there aren’t any threats in the game. Get as creative as possible, and create the world of your dreams. You can also save the world you create for other players to enjoy. Speaking of which, that is the third playable mode you can enjoy in the game. It contains several different player-made worlds that are a lot of fun to explore. Some of them are incredibly bonkers and will make you question the sanity of the creator. However, all of them are good fun to explore and represent a pleasant change in pace. Once you get tired of the original game, you can take a break to enjoy one of the user’s generated worlds.

How to play Paper Minecraft?

The controls of the game are super simple. You use your mouse as your Aim/Action button, and the WASD keys help you control movement. To open your inventory, press the E key, and the F button will allow you to eat or hold an item.

Gamers can control the crafting menu using the mouse. The spacebar functions as the control you can use to split stacks within the game.
Mouse–– Aim/Action
WASD–– Movement
E–– Inventory
F–– Eat or hold
Spacebar–– Split Stacks


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