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Home » Fighting Games » is a super amazing survival game based on the same concept as has been built upon. By default, the players have sword and nothing more than that. To be able to survive, the player needs to collect resources such as food, stones, and woods that would help him build different units for survival.

Hunt down the hens and collect their eggs. Behead the pigs and collect their meat. Beware of the wolf and bear, they provide high quantities of food but are dangerous! Chop down the woods and craft stones to build a gold mine. The quantity of gold determines the position of the player on the scoreboard. The greater the gold the higher the position. Grow food beds to earn you a living. Build your own farm and protect it from enemies by building wooden and rocky walls. Join other teams and work towards uplifting your clan.

Maintain mercenaries and protect your stone of life. Be tactical and the game is yours.


WASD to move around the field

Click to make an attack

Click on an item to purchase or press 1-9 on your keyboard


Walkthrough Video