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Who has not yet heard or played the great Super Mario game? Probably, it was every millennial’s favorite platform game. The gameplay of aligns well with that of Super Mario. However, the key difference between the old millennial game and this modern game is that this one is multiplayer. There are many other players from around the world to compete with.

The objective of is to collect the coins and kill the opponents. The higher the player goes, the more coins he would find. However, protect yourself from enemies. They are there for loot too. A stroke of the sword could be fatal. There are traps embedded in the walls. The sharp blades attached to the walls could kill you instantly.

Choose from a variety of skins. The basic one is unlocked by default. However, the players will have to unlock other skins as they require certain achievement or an action.

Released in: was released in March 2018


Kevin Games have developed this game


Use A and D to move left and right

Press W or Spacebar to jump

Left click for an attack


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