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Home » Fighting Games » is an easy multiplayer game involving an exciting fight-mode featuring boxing where you defend yourself against a slew of fierce and smart enemies. It includes interesting missions, cool graphics, awesome weapons for the battleplay, great collectibles & powerups, wicked opponents and exciting levels. Do you have what it takes to be a superhero? Find out in this quirky web browser game.

Features is a great survival and horde defense game that features boxing sports and unlimited fun. Your goal is to survive the boxing matches with NPCs and other expert players. Initially, you only have limited stamina and your fists to battle it out with your rivals but as the gameplay progresses, you can add 9 available abilities and power ups to your character. Be careful of the opponents when you walk over the passive orbs as they can be tacky, so ensure that you maintain a safe distance and stay vigilant focusing on speed and maneuvers. Fill up the experience bar at the bottom of screen first to gain enough expertise to earn a win.

How To Play

To play, use the WSAD keys or the arrow keys to move your character. Right click to attack your opponents and left click to block any opponent’s attempts. You can also use the screen tap to take down enemies and collect rewards and bonus items (for smartphones).


Walkthrough Video