Color Switch

Color Switch has been played 17,987 times and received a rating of 3.87 / 5 (78%) from 31 votes.

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Game rating: 3.87 based on 31 votes.

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Color Switch is a visually appealing, easy to play game that requires quick reflexes to score high and advance into higher levels. It is a tap based game that works on the principle of ‘right color at the right time’.


From the main menu, you can choose to play, decide the mode, or get help if you have any questions regarding the game. The ‘Mode’ option is not active on PC or laptop. You have to download it on your mobile to play this game in different modes. Six modes are available each having more than twenty five levels.

The ball keeps changing its color. Rotating rings are divided into four sections, each having a different color. These rings have stars placed in the middle.

How To Play

You have to tap the ball to get inside the ring. Enter the ring from the matching colored section so that your ball doesn’t get destroyed. If the ball touches the side of the ring with contrasting color, you will lose and the game will be reset. Touch the star placed inside the ring to earn a point. Keep tapping to leave the current ring, and repeat the same while entering the next ring.


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