Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels has been played 14,343 times and received a rating of 4.16 / 5 (84%) from 31 votes.

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Game rating: 4.16 based on 31 votes.

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A thrilling yet somewhat difficult game for beginners to play! Total Jerkface Happy Wheels is certainly not for the faint hearted people since it features bloodshed as well. The player rides through the highs and lows of the chosen level and tries to avoid the obstacles. Get to the end of the course and advance to the next level.


The main menu has the options of play Happy Wheels demo, level editor, options, controls, and credits. There are multiple levels you can choose from. The obstacle course is the first and the easiest among eight other levels. You can choose your character among these four – old man sitting on a wheelchair, a man with a scooty, young man and a child on a bicycle, fat man sitting on a bike.

The course is difficult and the player has to avoid all the obstacles to get to the end. The player can endure several injuries before the Happy Wheels game is lost.

How To Play

Your character can move forward and jump as well. The arrow keys along with some other keys you can use to move around the game arena are:

  • Up: Accelerate
  • Down: Decelerate
  • Right: Lean Forward
  • Left: Lean Back
  • Space Bar: Grab after ejecting
  • Z: Eject from your vehicle

Try and understand the course first by going through the tutorial. Combine the arrow key functions while you are speeding through the course.

Walkthrough Video