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Game rating: 3.74 based on 47 votes.

Home » Fun Games » is a multiplayer snake game where the snake gets elongated after eating the luminescent orbs scattered around the game arena. It is a graphic improvisation of the traditional snake game. You can change your snake’s skin color by sharing game on social media.


Welcome page has the options to enter a nickname, share on Facebook, and share on Twitter. You can start playing the game after entering your nickname. Multicolored shining orbs are placed randomly for snakes to eat. Your snake will have a different color every time you play, which also changes as the snake gets elongated and wide.

On the top right corner, the scoreboard displays the current scores of all Slitherio online players along with their nicknames. An additional feature is that your snake can’t bite itself. You can crisscross its movements to consume a maximum number of orbs. There are larger orbs floating around in the game that add extra points to your score.

How To Play game has pretty simple controls. Use the arrow keys or the mouse cursor to steer the snake in a particular direction. The ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrow keys are not functional in this game. A collision with other snakes results in your snake’s death. Consume as many orbs as you can and be quick to avoid collisions. Try to consume larger orbs that move around the game arena.


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