Mutilate a Doll 2

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Mutilate a Doll 2 is a stress releasing, miscellaneous game which has one main goal: mutilate a doll. You are given a doll to mutilate using different powers and tools available. A library menu gives you the option to change the doll or object, but each object in the library will react differently to the tools and powers used for mutilation. Once the doll or object is completely mutilated, you can choose more objects for mutilation.


Experiment with various environmental settings and change the background for a more entertaining experience. From changing the color of the background to mutilating the doll on the moon, in a desert, in a lab and so on, this game creates entertainment by allowing you to alter the background to your liking.

The library menu allows you to click and drag different dolls and objects of your preference on to the screen including rag dolls, triangles, ghosts, and so on. The library is categorized to make your search easier. A range of weapons, headgears and other stuff are also available. There can be more than 1 doll or objects for mutilation, and you can reset to clear the settings of your previous mutilate-a-doll game.

How to Play

Use the mouse to injure the doll in the Mutilate a Doll game. You can use different powers (like fire, water, wind, frost, blast, death and so on) or you can use the available tools to change the doll (like cutting, linking, welding, roping, pinning and so on).


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