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Get on Top is a simple time-pass game aimed at entertaining you when boredom takes over. It can either be played as single or with multiple people. It consists of two robots standing hand in hand. You have to defeat the other robot by planting it face down in the ground.


It is easy to understand and play, with colorful graphics. One robot is given red color while the other has blue color such that there is a clear contrast. In the main menu, there are two modes to decide from – single player mode and multiplayer mode. After choosing the mode, the game arena appears where two robots stand while holding each other’s hands.

The scoreboard is shown on the top of the screen. The first player that reaches the score of 10 wins the game. There are no higher levels or varying difficulty levels to choose from. Also, the robots cannot be customized. An audience cheers for both robots in the background and a light music plays while you fight the other robot.

How To Play

It is a relatively easy game to play. In the single player mode, you can either control your robot with the arrow keys or W A S D keys on the keyboard. Same goes for two player mode. Press the ‘Up’ arrow key or ‘W’ key from the keyboard to let your robot fly with jet boots.


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