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Takemine.io is another super awesome 2D IO multiplayer game. As the name implies, the game has quite a lot to do with mining. On the home screen, the player begins with choosing a hero for himself out of the four displayed. By default, the player’s character is human. However, other heroes can be selected by sharing on social media platforms. Once the character is chosen, enter a nickname and the player is all set to enter the forest.

By default, the player in Takemine.io would have an axe. Hit the trees and rocks to collect resources. Each level increases with a certain amount of resources collected. With a certain amount of resources collected, the players must build their own structures such ass gold mine and the barricades to protect from the looters. At each level, the players can unlock different items such as buildings, weapons and other various items. The ultimate objective of this game is to survive the brutalities of stronger players, kill the weaker ones and maintain hegemony.


Use WASD to move around

Click to make an attack or press spacebar on your keyboard

Press E on keyboard for autoattack

Press 1-9 on keyboard to utilize an item

Chat with fellow miners by pressing enter button on keyboard

To close window, press escape

Developed by:

Ali al Haulani

Launched in:

The game was launch in December 2017


Walkthrough Video