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Do you love playing shooting games? If yes, then is a perfect choice. It is an epic multiplayer battle game between robots of four different teams. The game shares a lot of similarities with

On the home screen, the left panel shows a timeline of recent developments by the developer. The panel in the middle of the screen is where the player enters a nickname and is all set to enter the map. Below are the controls and objective of the game that are fairly easy to understand.

As the player clicks go button at the bottom of the panel, he enters a maze battlefield where the primary goal is to conquer as many spots as possible for the team. Those spots can be seen on map in the bottom left of the screen. The spots are neutral as the game begins and the players have to move to the spot. Every spot conquered adds a point to the team that can be seen at the middle top of the game screen.

Each round lasts for four minutes and the rounds are recurring, meaning there is no end to the game. Every time the player is killed, he respawns automatically after a few seconds. In the gameplay, the character of the player is represented by the jaeger like giant robots having a weapon attached to shoulder. There are many weapons scattered around the war-zone that players can pick. Weapons can also be upgraded after certain experience points are gained within the game.

Do you have what it takes to conquer? Enter the arena and aid your team winning rounds.


Use WASD to move around the map

Left click to fire from the left gun

Right click to fire from right gun

Press shift key on keyboard for a layer of shield

Press spacebar to sprint

Press B shop

Developed by: has been developed by Mr. F.

Released in:

December 2017


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