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Takepoint.io is super exciting multiplayer IO game where players from around the world team up and defeat the enemy. The game takes inspiration from many other IO games, one of them being Tanksmith.io. However, the game differs from the rest as it allows a team match and is not available in ‘free for all’ gaming mode. There are three different teams – red, blue and green, and the allocation is done randomly.

The objective of the game is to team up and conquer the territory. The player spawns in a round battlefield where three different forces are using their might to maintain hegemony over the enemy’s spots. The tiny round spots made on the map that can be seen on the bottom left of the game screen. The player’s team must act in group and occupy the territories else the opponents might take control. Control over a spot is taken after standing idle on the spot for a certain period of time.

The game begins with the player holding a pistol. However, the pistol can be upgraded after reaching level 10. At level 10, the shooter can choose from an assault rifle, a sniper gun or a shortgun. In addition, there are various upgrades that can be seen at the bottom left of the screen. With every level comes an upgrade point till level 10. Beyond that level, upgrade point comes after passing three levels. Moreover, the various perks are unlocked after reaching level 15.  Strike spacebar on your keyboard to use them.

So what are you waiting for? Enter the war zone and lead your team in conquering the war.


The game is quite easy to control. Use WASD keys to move around. The shooter follows the direction of mouse cursor. Right click to shoot an enemy. Press R on your keyboard to reload gun. Press Enter button to chat with other warriors. Use spacebar to utilize any perk.


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