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Game rating: 2.75 based on 4 votes.

Home » Shooting Games » is an awesome multiplayer shooting IO game that takes place in pixelated coastal city. The game is very easy to get started with. On the home screen, just enter your nickname and start the game. There is no team match so each player is free to choose the target.

As the game starts, the shooter has would find plenty of guns scattered around the city. From shotguns to great snipers, the city has got all in abundance. Pick your favorite one and start shooting to objects to collect money. The leadership board is displayed on the top right corner where the player could see his position relative to other players. Various health kits are also scattered around as well as potions. Collect all to become the stronger amongst all. Apart from that, the city has also some abandoned cars. The player can choose from a variety of vehicles. Pick one for yourself and drift around the city. The primary objective of is to take down the enemies and dominate the city. The players can do so by shooting them down or running into them while driving a car in the city.

Can you become the mightiest of all? Test your shooting skills now!


Use WASD to move around.

Left click to attack.

Right click to place a wall.

Strike shift key to drift or sprint.

Press spacebar to pick up an item or sit in a car.

Press F to go full screen.

Developed by:

This awesome game has been developed by Mathew Matakovic.

Available at:

The game can currently be played on a web browser.


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