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Game rating: 2.14 based on 7 votes.

Home » Fun Games » is a super exciting simulation game that takes place in the city of Nend. The game offers three servers to choose from – a European, a USA East server and an Asian. Moreover, on the home screen, the player has the choice of designing his own character for himself. Customization can be done on the panel displayed at the left of the play button. Choose from a variety of haircuts, hair color, skin, and gender.

The success of the game lies in the survival in the city. As the game starts, the first step is to earn money to get rich. Do the tasks as mentioned to survive through the game. For longer survivals, upgrade your skills. The priorities are mentioned on the bottom left of the games screen. The tasks must be done else the health bar reduces by certain points. The map of the game is displayed on the top left while the scoreboard is displayed on the top right of the screen. Bottom right of the screen shows inventory items that can be consumed.

So what are you waiting for? Start with the game and conquer the world!


Use the arrow keys or WASD on your keyboard to move around.

Click the left button of your mouse to attack.

Click the right button of your mouse to discard items.

Press enter key to chat with other players.

Strike E on your keyboard to take an action.

Strike M key on your keyboard in order to view the map.

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The game was launch in March 2018


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