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Pockey.io is an amazing 8ball pool game in which the player can compete against a random opponent. Alternatively, players can also create a room and challenge their friends. Below the nickname textbar, the player can choose either red balls or blue balls. Next to that is the avatar that the players can choose. The game combines features of 8ball pool game with air hockey which is why it is named as pockey.

As the game begins, the players would be shown 7 balls of each color and a hockey puck. The objective of the game is to pot the balls and the hockey puck. For each pot, the players get one point. However, if the players pot the hockey puck, they are awarded two points. There are three rounds of game and the player with two wins is declared the winner of the series.

So, are you ready for playing combined air hockey and 8ball pool game? Join the club and win the title now!


The game is controlled via mouse only. Moving mouse around changes the direction of the stick. Target point is locked with click and dragging back and forth sets the speed of shot.

Developed by:

Pockey.io has been developed by Kid Comet

Released in:

The game was released in December 2017


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