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Facepunch.io is a super awesome addictive game. The name of the game makes it obvious what this game is about – boxing, right? If you like games that involve fighting such as wrestling or shooting games, you would definitely want to play this game. Unlike traditional boxing games, this game involves uncountable number of boxers in the boxing ring. So, be careful of the gamers from around the world fighting for their might in the boxing zone.

The objective of the player is knocking out the other players and, at the same time, picking up the pick the colorful pieces lying around the ring. With each successful punch, the player gets reward points. Collect as many as possible to become the greatest of all. If punched, the players’ health decreases substantially. So here is a tip, avoid getting into unnecessary fights! Avoid contact with boxers if your health has not completely recovered.

The health bar of the players is displayed on the top of their avatar.  As players level up, the health increases in capacity. The leadership board is displayed on the top right corner of the game screen where players can keep an eye on their progress.

So do you have what it takes to dominate the scoreboard? Are you an avid boxer? Test your skills now!


Facepunch.io has been developed by Clown Games.


The game can be played on any web browser. In addition, it is also available on Google Play for Android users as well as App Store for Apple users.

Released in:

The game was released in October 2017


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