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Home » Shooting Games » is a real time online multiplayer battle game that happens in a pixelated world. The interface introduces the player to various options such as choosing a player skin or weapon skin at the top most followed by a menu. The players can login to choose a different basic skin. To choose from premium package, the players will have to make purchase starting from $2.99. Similarly, there are various weapon skins to choose from. The basic skins require the shooters to login while the premium ones require a purchase.

Once the players have chosen their favorite skin and weapon, they can get back to the interface and have a look at the instructions which are very basic. Next is the server for the combatants to choose from.  Once all things are lined up, it’s time to enter the battle ground and start taking down the opponents.

The battle happens to be in an abandoned city. Look for other weapons scattered around and upgrade your basic weapon to an advanced level. With time, the map would start to shrink and the players’ objective is to kill everyone else to be able to survive till last moment.

Are you ready to face the wrath and shoot everyone else on the map?


Use WASD to move around the map

Aim with your mouse

Shoot with click

Press R to reload weapon

Press E to pick up guns

Press L to hide/show scoreboard

Press M to view/hide map

Developed by:

Bitfox Games

Release date:

The game was released in December 2017


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