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Remember your favorite Snow Bros game from the 1990s? It required one or two snowmen to ice the ferocious enemies on the map and roll them to give them a good rebound until they die. There were various rewards associated with killing the enemies and the snowmen would amass all the cash prizes and other rewards. is a very addictive platform game that shares similarities with the traditional game. This is a multiplayer game where players from around the world gather to kill other opponents. So, instead of having generated automated enemies, this game has other players whom one has to kill and collect rewards. Unlike the former game, this game does not require one to ice the enemies. Instead, one has to stomp the other opponent in order to kill them.

Also, there are free resources scattered around the map that the players need to amass. This would result in the player becoming bigger and stronger. The former game has a beast appearing every 10th stage. However, the latter has no stages attached as such and is played in continuity.

Can you survive an imminent stomp? Can you grow to loot others and collecting glittering stars? How long can you survive? Choose from a variety of basic skins or unlock the premium ones that require a certain action to be performed. Start playing and take over the scoreboard now!


Directions of the character are controlled with the mouse cursor

Press Spacebar or click to attack


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