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If we’re of similar mind than you’ve spent some of your days imagining how epic a robot battle royal would be. If you’ve thought anything along that line, then look no further warbot.io the game for you. Yes, warbot.io is precisely that, a robot beat down.  The game’s primary objective is to survive as long as possible using your robot and get as many kills as you can.

The incredible graphics set this game apart. It’s one of the best looking IO games out there. The design of the robots is clean and unique from one another. The map is also significant, and the design is incredibly smart leaving a lot of space for tactical cover.

The game will drop you down into a map with either bots or different players considering the game mode you choose. Playing the offline mode can help you understand all the mechanics of the game. You can also play online where the game reaches its maximum potential.

Online play in the game is incredibly competitive and is a lot of fun as well; you can choose to play solo or play as a team. Furthermore, the game has two game modes that you can play as a guest. The first mode is free for all which allows you to respawn. The second mode is the last man standing mode which means once you die you will not spawn again. The stakes are considerably higher in this mode so be on guard.

How To Play Warbot.io?

To move, you need to use the WASD keys. A vital aspect of the game is using the boost button which allows you to rush enemies or evade them easily. You can shoot using the mouse key and control the camera using the key as well. If you’re playing on a laptop, don’t worry you can use the left and right direction keys to control the camera. The up key can also be used to shoot.

As you land on the map, you’ll notice apart from the other players it has a lot of things. There are red and blue collectible orbs that upgrade your attack and defense respectively. Once the level of your attack/defense increases you earn abilities at random. These abilities significantly improve your offensive and defensive capabilities. The smallest things make a massive difference when looking to win games. An effective strategy to get more kills would be to knock people down when they are close to edges.

When you win games, you earn money, using this money you buy new robots to use in the game. There are several different types of robots in the game. Accessing the entire collection of robots requires you to sign up, but it’s incredibly easy to do so. There are a few robots that have very high damage outputs that you could unlock.

Warbot.io is worth investing your time into because it is one of the most fun robot games out there.


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