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Tanked.io is a survival game in which players each attempt to take each other on in tanks. Tanked.io fits you in a tank and asks you to survive as long as you can. The game incorporates several elements of different .IO games into its unique blend. As you eliminate other players, the size of your tank grows progressively larger. The increase in size doesn’t change much as you’re awarded skill points to improve your tank and its weapons.

There’s only one type of tank in the game, so all players begin at a level playing field, the primary objective in the game is to outlast everyone else in the room. To win against all these players, you need to get money so you can buy upgrades for the tank. The tiny orbs spread around the battlefield are the currency in the game, and as you collect them, you earn the upgrade points. The upgrade points are spendable on many different aspects of your tank.

You can choose to improve the health of your tank, or you equip your tank with more shields. Likewise, there are several weapon upgrades as well. The weapon upgrades will make your guns fire all the faster and will also increase your damage output.

The graphics of the game stand out immensely. The game looks similar to a Tron adventure and is full of brightly colored tanks roaming around against a black background. Even the orbs that are collectibles seem aesthetically pleasing.

How To Play Tanked.io?

Movement in the game is incredibly simple and requires you to make use of the WASD keys. Alongside your tank you will notice two smaller tanks, these tanks don’t have significant offensive capabilities but serve as shields. Once both the small tanks are gone your tank is left incredibly vulnerable making it essential to increase their health as well.

You can shoot your weapons using the left mouse key if you’re playing on a laptop be sure to use an external mouse. Using a trackpad in the game will leave you at a severe disadvantage. By maneuvering and eliminating other players, your objective is to survive as long as possible. Collecting orbs will increase the size of your tank as well.

The larger your tank, the easier target you are to hit, but this is offset by the increase in health and weapon capabilities. As you improve your weapons the rate of fire and speed of the bullets improve making it much easier to take other opponents down.

Evolving your tank is key to reaching the top of the ranking while you are playing. There are different strategies you use to facilitate this. One could be a passive strategy where you chase orbs and avoid conflict. The other approach is much more active and has a greater chance of success. When you eliminate other players, they drop multiple balls and health which allows you to get your upgrades in quickly.

Whatever strategy you used Tanked.IO is a lot of fun to play!


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