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If you love brightly colored fast cars, then is the game for you. is a racing game in which you can either enjoy the offline mode or race against other players online. The racing is incredibly fast pace and at high speeds will be a real test of your reflexes.

The game takes you through various fictional cities, and you are required to race through them. The game is incredibly simple and you flit through lanes driving at incredibly high speeds. At high speeds, the game becomes significantly harder. Furthermore, roads become dangerously narrow, but the gameplay remains relatively unaffected. However, the core gameplay is where the simplicity ends. is one of the most exciting and unique IO experiences out there. As you find yourself advancing through the game and earning money, you can eventually get enough to buy a new car. You would think it ends there, but offers one of the most complete car customization present in an io game. The game isn’t reliant on performance enhancement alone, but the options extend to aesthetic improvements as well.

How To Play

The control of the games is incredibly simple. There are five predominant keys that you will use throughout this game. The up key is for acceleration whereas the down key is for braking. The left and right buttons let you flit through lanes.

The space button is key to winning your games as it allows you to use the NOS boost. Open spaces are where the nitrous oxide boost will give you a significant advantage. When the car is at incredibly high speeds, it becomes challenging to control. However, taking risks tends to be rewarding so you should go for it.

Customization is as crucial as your ability to change lanes in this game. Getting the best performance upgrades will give you everything you need to win races. It’s important to understand what you’re upgrading as well; different parts will have different impacts on the performance of the car. Improving the brakes and suspension will improve handling. Upgrades to the engine and transmission will improve the acceleration and top speed of your vehicle.

What endears people to the game even more than the performance upgrades are the visual upgrades. The visual upgrades include different vinyl sets and paint jobs. Furthermore, there are several body upgrades which are a rarity in internet games. Giving your look to the car helps you create a personal connection with the game.

This personal connection means that you’ll be willing to spend more time playing it. To store your progress and customization, you’ll need to sign up. Signing up can be done through social media as well, so it doesn’t take much time.

You can see the level of effort put into the creation of this game. The developers are fairly active as well so players can readily expect updates that bring new content to the game. So prepare to fasten your seat belt and put the foot down on your throttle. The pace of will take your breath away!


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