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Hexagor.io is an incredibly exciting and unique strategy game. If you’re grown up playing strategy games like “Risk”, then you’re going to love Hexagor.io. You can win the game if you capture exactly 500 tiles. The round will end as soon as a player reaches 500. The game is one of the paciest strategy games you can play with moves taking about a minute at max. Hexagor.io comes from the predominant hexagonal shape the map takes.

At the beginning of the round players spawn in the map at random. Before all that you can decide your nickname as well, allowing you to establish your territory everywhere easily. The first tile you spawn with acts as your capital. The capital is the most critical piece of land in the game, and you must defend it from other players at all times. If you lose your capital city, your game will end so establishing a defense around it is essential.  The game is one of the most straightforward strategy games that you can play, and it is easy for anyone to understand.

How To Play Hexagor.io?

The game begins with your capital tile. You’ll notice several unclaimed white tiles around you. These white tiles are territory that you can catch quickly and easily. You can capture tiles by clicking on them. As soon as you click on the tile, you’ll see a sign indicating that you’re attacking the tile. Once the prompt disappears, you will have successfully captured the area.

Capturing tiles is the key to the game, and as soon as you catch the territory, it becomes the same color as your other tile. There are also several individual types of tiles. These tiles are a mountain, trees or a tower. Capturing any of the special tiles give you an advantage but it also takes a long time to obtain them as well. Additionally, the unique pieces also give you more hexagonal tiles than a regular one.

There’s no doubt that you’ll encounter other players while trying to reach 500 tiles, making it essential that you understand how combat works. Capturing opposing territory works the same as catching an empty tile. Click on the rival region you want, however fair warning the other player has the option to defend his area as well.

If your territory is under attack, you’ll see a prompt allowing you to guard it, clicking on this prompt before the time runs out means your land is safe. Capturing your opponents’ capital is the quickest way to take control of their entire nation.

War isn’t the only way to go in this game. There are other strategies that you can choose as well. To mitigate a threat, you can sign a peace treaty as well. Signing a peace treaty means that you and the opponent cannot capture each other’s territory, Passive strategies, however, are rarely useful in this game.

Be ready to do your best Napoleon impression and capture as much territory as you can, Hexagor.io will surely test your strategic capabilities.


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