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If you’ve played those retro arcade games, then you’ll love the artwork in A unique browser-based shooter game, is sure to evoke some feelings of nostalgia. The game follows the ever-popular battle royal formulae.

Players Spawn on to a map and fight each other to be the last person surviving. As the battle royale genre, there is no re-spawning, the ability to not re-spawn makes each game of more intense. The game is not for those of light heart.

The objective of the game is to out-survive all the other players on the map. Out surviving all the other players will need you to pick up a gun and combat your way to the top. There’s a chance of you employing a passive strategy, but these are unlikely to work out. Being as aggressive as possible can help in this game.

The game is one of the most complete browser base shooting games out there, complete with different types of grenades and healing items. Shells are an extremely effective way of dealing with damage in this game, and you should collect them wherever you see them. Healing is also equally important as there’s no passive healing system in the game; you’ll need to keep an eye out for those healing packs.

How To Play

You can begin the game using your custom nickname. There are several options on the main menu of the game. On the left side, you’ll see several skins that you can choose. Each costume has its requirement that you’ll need to fulfill to unlock. The other options allow you to select what server you play in. Furthermore, if you’re playing on a relatively low-end machine, you can adjust the graphical settings to suit its specifications.

The WASD keys control in-game movement. The mouse is responsible for all aim and camera movements. If you’re playing on a laptop be sure to connect an external mouse, without the mouse you may struggle in the game. The mouse key controls your shooting. To pick up a weapon merely stand over it and press E. There are no prompts to pick up grenades or healing items, these will be in your inventory once you walk over them. The game has a few more controls that you need to remember. The R key is for reloading, and the G key will let you throw grenades.

Each gun has different damage outputs and the rate of fires. Picking up all the weapons and trying them out to see which one suits you best is a good idea. is one of the most complete browser games on offer. There’s a huge possibility you may even get to experience new maps. For now, though enjoy the frantic top-down shooter in its purest form.


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