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If you think about how epic it would be to combine football and demolition derbies then look no further. BumpyBall.io is a browser game that does precisely that. With advanced graphics that are rare in such games, BumpyBall.io stands out. You can compete in 3 vs 3 online matches against people from all over the world.

The game starts with two teams standing on either side of the field, the ball will drop in the middle, and both teams will have to score as fast as possible. Through a combination of passing, smooth movement or sheer brute force your objective is to score as many goals as possible. There are no fouls or anything so smash into the other players as much as you’d like.

Each match lasts about 5 minutes, and the team with the most goals will win. The game has an incredibly fast pace, which may be only because of the fact you’re playing football in cars. The frantic, not holding anything back action of this game will surely get you into it.

How To Play BumpyBall.io?

The game has relatively simple control mechanisms. The camera control depends on auto-tracking, so you need not to use the mouse at all. If you want more control over the mouse, you can quickly change the camera settings by pressing the q button.

To move your car forward hold down the up button. If you want to slow down, the moving vehicle let of the up key and hold the down key. The down key is also responsible for reversing, which is as fast as going forward in this game. You control the direction in which your car turns using the right or left directions key. The controls of the game are simple enough but perfecting control over how the vehicles move will require practice.

The cars are tough to steer and skid around a lot, properly being able to control the cars will take you a few games. However, all those games will be a lot of fun considering the haphazard nature of all the action. On the pitch, you’ll notice a green bar on the bottom right of your screen. This green bar is the boost bar. The space key controls the boost. You can continue to use the boost until the green bar runs empty.

There are boxes all over the pitch. Collecting these boxes will help your boost bar boost faster. Boosting is incredibly crucial in the game as it allows you to generate more power. In addition to all these gameplay features the game has a high degree of customization as well. Moving through the game means you gain experience and level up. Leveling up involves various cars, and the highest level players will have a considerable size advantage over those that don’t play regularly.

Creating an account can help you save your progress. Bumpyball.io is a game that you’re going to keep coming back to and playing.


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