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Dreaming of owning your speedboat? Driving it around with your friends, shooting guns at other speed boats trying your best to survive. Okay maybe you don’t want to do the latter bit, but that is what Speedboats.io is.

The game places you on a map with your custom speedboat. The objective is to survive as long as possible while eliminating all the other players on the map. The game plays at a breakneck pace making it essential that you don’t take your eyes off the action for even a few seconds. Surviving in the game is incredibly difficult and will be a great test of your maneuverability.

The game is awe-inspiring graphically for the browser game genre. The game boasts a decent size map as well, with boats that render beautifully. The clean and crisp styling is sure to grab your eye at first after the first few moments however you’ll fall straight into the haphazard action of the game. You can employ strategies to eliminate your opponents; you can go guns blazing and target as many as you see or you could rely on your maneuverability. There’s something inherently satisfying about outmaneuvering your opponent and causing them to crash.

How to play Speedboats.io?

The controls of the game are incredibly simple. You can use the WASD buttons or the arrows keys to move. To get the best experience, use the mouse to aim and shoot. If you’re playing on a laptop, your best bet is to attach an external mouse to the side and use that. However, if you don’t want to use an external mouse, you can adjust the controls from the game menu to use the arrow keys for movement. Shooting is also controllable by the space bar.

An essential aspect of the game is boosting. To boost merely hold down the shift key or the right mouse button. The longer you press the button, the longer the boost will be.

The objective of the game is to get as many kills as possible, the game has a points system, and the person on top of the list at the end will be the winner.

Each kill is worth a 100 points; you get a 25-point bonus for each kill if you’re on a kill streak. You lose points 50 points for dying so get ready to blow up as many other boats as possible.

Additionally, the game is heavily reliant on power-ups. Power-ups randomly appear after you eliminate an opponent and can hand you a significant advantage. A good strategy is to remove as many opponents as possible so you can receive power-ups. The power-ups all vary in nature but right now only impact your weapons. For example, the grenade launcher power-up changes your standard machine gun into a grenade launcher. Several other power-ups are collectible in the game. Get ready to collect them all while eliminating as many boats as possible. Eventually, your ship will rule over all the seas.


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