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Wilds.io is a browser-based multiplayer game in a similar vein to other io games. The game, however, is not for those of light heart. The game at its core is a hack n slash game with very minimalistic controls and design. However, the game is no work in the park. The developers claim that the sheer pace of the game will represent a challenge for gamers.

The game is incredibly simplistic in its graphical approach, yet the graphics are impressive. The environments present in the map are clean and have gorgeous designs. The map itself is large and provides ample room for movement. The character design is, however, the highlight of all this graphical rendering. Character designs are clean and crisp while being incredibly simple as well.

There are four basic game modes that you can enjoy in the game. Each game mode has its unique objective that you have to complete. The most popular game mode is the Desert fort mode. The desert fort mode will put you into a massive brawl with another team. The objective is to eliminate as many players as possible while leading your team to victory. Teams are usually split into a fifteen vs. fifteen all-out brawls when all the players are in the game.

The other game modes are one against one Arena mode, where it’s just your skills against those of another warrior. The browars mode represents a two vs. two scenario where you and your “bro” can take on two other warriors. The last type is the football mode, which puts you into a very violent game of football with other warriors.

Additionally, the game also features a leveling mechanic. Player receives stat upgrades as they collect bones. These bones are collectible through randomly locating them on the map or eliminating other players. After accumulating enough bones, the player will level up and receive an upgrade on their overall stats. Players can go up to level 10. Reaching the maximum level provides the players with a lot of benefits so be sure to collect as many bones as you can.

How to play Wilds.io?

The game has incredibly simple controls. Movement is controllable through the WASD keys. The mouse controls the direction your player faces, making it essential that you connect an external mouse when playing on the laptop. The mouse key will allow you to attack, the numbers 1 and 2 trigger your potion slot. Additionally, pressing Q or E will allow you to access your weapons.

Furthermore, the scroll on your mouse serves two primary functions as well. Scrolling up will allow you to roll while scrolling down will enable you to shield up. You can throw your weapon using the F button as well.

Furthermore, the game allows for changing controls in the game menu as well. Wilds.io is one of the greatest IO games out there. So get ready to create your account and kick some butt. Wilds.io is a hack n slash adventure like no other.


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