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Ever been in a position where you feel like smashing stuff with a hammer? As a kid, you could go the arcade once upon a time and play those whack-a-mole games. Smash those moles until your heartfelt content, if you’re missing out on the feeling of absolutely thumping something is the right game. is one of the most addictive io games out there. Once you start playing, you’ll see that you’ll lose yourself in the incredibly simple yet super fun gameplay. That’s what makes the game so addictive, the combination of simplicity and tons of fun all for free. The game wants you to survive as long as possible and smash as many other players as possible.

The game equips your character with a large hammer that it can use to crush other players. Furthermore, the game also features several moles that pop out of the ground, smashing these moles releases small orbs that you need to pick up. These orbs not only represent points they also help you grow much more significant. Growing more substantial in size in the game puts you at a considerable advantage as the size of your hammer also increases.

Having a larger makes it easier for you to crush other players. The larger your hammer, the more significant the range of your attacks, you can even get big enough to destroy multiple different players at the same time. However, growing more substantial in size in the game is incredibly difficult. The pieces you collect increase your size by very little every time.

Additionally, the game plays at an incredibly fast pace so you can’t afford to lose concentration for even a second. One false maneuver and some other player will smash you with their hammer. The game is incredibly simple but is difficult master, a lot of smashing is going to take place before you get anywhere. Anyone can get anyone in this game, so you always need to be on your toes.

The game offers a significant amount of customization as well, allowing you to pick from several different skins. Each skin further allows you to change the entire color scheme as well. You can also use your custom nickname that’ll strike fear into the hearts of your opponents. All it’s going to take is one swing off that hammer, and you’ll be playing this game in no time at all.

How to play

Like the game itself, the controls are incredibly simple as well. You control the movement of your player using the mouse. The player will follow whatever direction you take your cursor into with accuracy. Furthermore, you can use the left mouse click button or the space button to attack using the hammer.

Another critical aspect of the game is sprinting; you can rush using the w key or the right mouse button. Sprinting plays a crucial role in letting you move your way past the players in the game. Be ready to use every single aspect of the controls of the game. In this fast pace, all out beat-em-up, you’re going to need to keep your wits about you.


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