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Home » Fighting Games » is a stickman fighting game. The classic arrow and bow is the default weapon of choice in the game. The game will pit you against other players, and the goal is to eliminate as many players as possible. In this brutal form of mortal combat, the only chance for survival is to be accurate with your arrow and bow.

The game has a very minimalistic design. The graphics are simple but incredibly clean cut. The fresh look makes the game look very fluid and smooth on the eye. Furthermore, the movement in the game is perfect and responsive as well. Your character glides a bit so hitting shots while running can be a lot of fun. In spite of everything else what matters most is your aim. You’re going to struggle if your mark is off in this high stakes game.

How To Play

The controls of the games are simple. The WASD keys control all character movement. The W key allows you to jump, the longer you keep it pressed, the longer the jump will be. The S key controls crouching and lying down. Additionally holding the key down allows you to lie down. Lying down helps you recover health, although be careful as you are defenseless in the state.

The mouse key is used to aim the bow, while you can shoot arrows by clicking the mouse. The arrows only follow a specific path and holding down the mouse button doesn’t alter the path. There are two different modes that you enjoy in this game.

The first mode is free for all, which pits each player against one another. The game begins with the players landing in the center of the map. As soon as the players fall the chaos begins as arrows will start flying in from everywhere. Every time a player dies, they re-spawn again in the center of the map. As you get more and more kills, you earn points, the player that has the most points at the end of the round gains all the points. Each round also lasts around 5 minutes, so get ready to strap in for an incredibly frantic series of shooting.

Creating an account will get you a lot of extra features. Once you have made your account, you can also play the second game mode on offer. The second game mode is the team deathmatch mode. Players can compete in a max of eight vs eight matches. Each round in this mode lasts about 8 minutes.

Furthermore, by creating an account, you can also keep track of all your progress

Keeping track of the progress means that the points you’ll earn coins at the end of every match. Using these coins, you can unlock newer weapons that have higher damage outputs. The guns you can buy include ranged melee weapons as well as some firearms and cannons. People that create an account and play the game will have an unfair advantage.

So create your account and get ready to compete with the best of them in this fun shooter game.


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