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GoBattle.io is a beautiful combination of modernity and the past. The gameplay and graphics may be incredibly old school however everything has a modern twist. The rendering of the artwork is done incredibly well, character models are unique and move in an incredibly fluid manner.

The game has thee playable modes, the main game mode is the King mode. The King mode pits you against other players from around the world. The premise of the entire game is you’re a knight fighting other knights. So many people will look towards playing the game just to be a knight and go against the other enemies.

As you fight the other enemies and eliminate them, they drop coins. It is incredibly important to pick up the coins as these are the score. If you don’t pick up the coins you won’t get any score so be sure to pick up after your kills. The main weapon in the game is a throwing knife, don’t worry there are other weapons in the game. You can find the weapons spread out throughout the map, each weapon has its own perks.

An effective strategy would be to try as many weapons as possible. Another key feature of the game is the ability to shield yourself. Pressing the S button allows you to crouch and shield against the damage. The shield is incredibly effective, and helps you survive through many situations. The shield is a knight’s trusty companion the same applies to this game. Even through the shield you’ll receive a little bit of damage to your health.

There’s no passive healing in the game so you have to be careful about how much damage you take. All across the map there are a lot of bubbles that let you heal up your hp. Furthermore there are bottles containing health as well, you can find these bottles hidden throughout the map. Another tip you can use to help you win is stealing other people’s kills.

To steal someone’s kill you can just pick up the coin they drop off once they die. Picking up other players kills is a risky strategy but is definitely achievable under the right circumstances. It may not be the most knightly thing to do but everything goes in all-out war.

The other two game modes are more novelty than competitive but you’re free to try them as much as you want.

How to play GoBattle.io?

The WASD buttons control all the movement in the game. The W key allows you to jump up and down. A tactic you can use in this game is double jumping. By pressing the W key in quick succession you can double jump. Another key aspect of the game is shielding. You can draw out your shield to protect yourself in the game. Pressing down the S key will let you draw out your shield. To attack simply use the space key. The game may be simplistic in nature but there’s nothing wrong with some classic retro fun.


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