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Most of us growing up were big fans of the bomberman games. A lot of gamers familiar with the io genre of games are familiar with the game is a perfect hybrid of both these games. Players take control of an emoji and spawn onto a map. The map contains several different orbs and other emojis as well. The objective of the game is to survive as long as possible and get the highest score.

The other emojis in the game are enemies and these can be a great threat. These emojis are other players in the server trying to get the highest score possible. The other threat on the map are the red color angry emojis. These red emojis can case you considerable damage and will start gravitating towards you as you move closer to them. Be sure to avoid and bomb as many red emojis as possible.

The other collectible orbs in the game have various different colors. As you collect these orbs you gain points. The points dictate the position you have in the game. The objective of the game is to ensure you collect as many orbs as possible. As you go around collecting orbs you increase in size as well. The larger your size is the greater the radius of your explosions as well.

There are several different ways you can collect obs. One of the easiest way to collect orbs is taking advantage of your small size and speed. Using speed you can maneuver around stealing the orbs other people have made. The other strategy you can employ being as aggressive as possible. Other players are great sources for orbs, as you eliminate one enemy they drop a lot of orbs. Collect these orbs and power up to increase your ability to kill multiple enemies. However, as you grow larger in size you’re at more risk of taking damage from other players as well.

Furthermore the game allows you to select your own custom nickname before you start playing. Additionally you can select different emoji skins to add your own unique twist to your character. The game looks and plays incredibly smoothly. Allowing you to carry out precise maneuvers and strategies easily. The game is one of the most fun and strategic browser games out there. Combining several different genres to create a unique experience.

How to play

The game is simple enough to play, you can either control movement using the WASD keys or the mouse. Using the WASD buttons makes sense while you’re playing on a laptop but it leaves you at a major disadvantage. Using a mouse allows you to make 360 degree movements giving you a big advantage over players using the WASD keys. Furthermore you can drop bombs using the right mouse button and the space bar. Baiting your enemies is a very important in the game. Get ready to set your best traps and survive as long as possible.


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