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Rangersteve.io is an explosive, fast and vicious multiplayer shooter game. The game is basically a multiplayer shooter game on steroids. Players enter the map as rangersteve, after that it’s a game of every person for himself survival. The game plays at an incredibly fast pace with players spawning with jetpacks.

There are no weapons in the game that aren’t available from the start which makes the game incredibly intense. Players may spawn with a 50 caliber deagle that can one shot other opponents. Furthermore the secondary weapons players receive is a rocket launcher. Yes a rocket launcher. I understand that some players out there will be salivating at the thought of such an epic loadout.

However, every other player in the game will have the same weapon loadout. Each one of your enemies can easily kill you as quickly as you can kill them. The dangerous environment makes it essential that you understand the in game movement completely. Using the jetpack can help you get out of a lot of sticky situations. Furthermore having each player equip the same kind of weapon makes it a battle of mastery. Players who put in more time will be get a much a higher reward.

One of the most unique aspects of the game is the graphics. The game has a very beautiful pixel art animation. The pixel art gives the game a unique look and the rendering of the pixels is expertly done. Furthermore the game features several maps with absolutely immaculate map designs. Each map has its aesthetic theme and feel, making each game a variable and unique experience. The maps are randomly generated and each map features obstacles that add to the feel game. Whether it’s an ideal perch to snipe from or a perfect hiding spot the maps in this game have it all.

Once you put in enough time into the game you’ll be able to master each weapon. Mastery over each weapon will make you absolutely deadly. The game is incredibly addictive in nature and soon enough you’ll be putting in hours trying to perfect your kills.

How to play Rangersteve.io?

The WASD buttons are responsible for all movement in the game. The W button is for jumping and the S button is for crouching. If you’re playing on a laptop be sure to attach an external mouse. The mouse handles all the aiming within the game.

The left mouse key controls shooting in the game. The right mouse key is absolutely essential, it allows you to activate your jetpack. The jetpack is absolutely key to survival in the game. The Q button allows you to switch weapons while the R key allows you to reload. The in-game menu controls your weapon and allows you to customize your loadout. So get ready to pick up your weapons and get to killing all the players you can. Rangersteve.io is one of the deadliest, most frantic MMO shooting games out there. So get ready to become the best ranger the world has ever seen.


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