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Home » Shooting Games » is here to fulfill all your warfare needs. The popular new online game is revolutionizing the browser gaming genre. is one of the most popular games out there. It’s an incredibly fun tank free for all. Players can compete with other players from all over the globe. The objective of the game is simple, all you need to do is upgrade your tank as much as possible.

To start upgrading your tank you need to eliminate enemy players. As you eliminate enemy players they drop blue XP stars. Collecting these experience stars upgrades your tank. As your tank upgrades it grows bigger in size and can withstand more damage. Currently there are 6 different types of tanks in the game.

Each tank is unique from the other. Each tank has its own characteristics that help support a different playstyle with each tank. The dual gun tank provides you with the greatest fire power. The go-kart tanks offer superior speed and mobility. It is rare for a browser game to offer in game choices that actively create a difference. The room for strategy and individual playstyles is what makes this game so much fun.

Additionally there are several different power ups that you can collect throughout the game. Each power up grants you a different ability and collecting them can give you an additional advantage over competing players. The power up types that are available in the game are as follows;

  • Star: Allows you to gain experience and restores health.
  • Three bullets: increase the rate at which your tank will fire.
  • Large bullet: Increases bullet damage.
  • Clock: increase the speed at which your tank moves.
  • Shield: Creates a temporary defensive shield around your tank that negates all possible damage for 5 hits.

Collecting these power ups can help get you the edge you need over your enemies. Travelling around the map and collecting these power ups is a good strategy. Increasing the rate of fire and damage of your guns is especially helpful in letting you gun down enemies. While collecting the speed power up can help increase your maneuverability. Using the shield power up can help make the difference in intense combat situations. All in all collecting all the power ups will give you a much needed boost. So get ready to get yourself into one of the most frantic IO experiences you’ve ever had.

How to play

The WASD keys essentially control all movement in the game. The mouse key controls all the shooting in the game. The objective is to drive around and eliminate as many players as you possibly could. Once you begin the game you can also choose to play with your own custom nickname. It’s important to keep an eye on your statistics while you’re playing the game. There’s no passive healing so you’ll have to rely on the stars to heal up. The game is sure to keep you interest for a really long time. So pick your favorite tank and get ready to eliminate all other competitors.


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