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For all you IO loyalists, is the game for you. It combines all the aspects that endear people to this genre of the game. In you’re throwing into a map reminiscent of the platformer games we all played while growing up.

The objective of the game is relatively straightforward on this map you need to survive on the map for long as possible. There’s no external survival element, and you don’t need to consume any food or anything to stay alive. The game is a matter of kill or be killed in its purest. Each map will have a player vs. player aspect and a player vs. enemy aspect.

The game also allows you to play different modes, you can play it solo, or you can play it as a team with your friends. The game is one of the most enjoyable ones out there. The player that has the highest score, in the end, gets a position on top of the rankings. 

The game has several exciting mechanics that elevate it above other games. Your characters progressively change as the game moves forward. As you gain more experience and kills your player will evolve. Evolution causes your character to grow larger and gain more weight. While having more weight will help your character be able to absorb more damage, it also leads to a significant reduction in speed.

The constant evolution requires you to change your tactics periodically. Additionally, with each progression you also gain skill points, you can invest these skill points into your character to make them better. Investing in your skills can help tailor the strategy you employ as well.

How To Play

The in-game controls are incredibly easy to understand. To move your character, you need to use the WASD keys. The W key lets you jump which is a core aspect of the game. The F key allows you to pick up and interchange weapons.

There are four slots for weapons and tools that you can fill up. One of the three slots contain your secondary firearm which is a pistol carrying infinite ammo, the second is material for building, and the third is a pick-ax for mining. To shift between these slots flick through the number keys. There are several primary weapons that you can pick up all around the map. These weapons include cannons, SMGs, rifles, and shotguns.

There are several melee weapons in the game as well, and these weapons have the highest damage outputs so you should try them out as well. Once you grow large enough, you’ll notice that you can’t keep up with the shorter players, this is when melee weapons will come in handy.  The main page of the game also allows you to customize the appearance of your character. Furthermore, creating an account will lead to your progress being savable. Allowing you to come back and continue your quest for 1st place. Regardless of whether you choose to play with friends or solo, we guarantee that you’ll be spending a lot of time playing this game.


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