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Battle Royale games are taking the world by storm. There are so many out there that you can play right now. If you enjoy battle royale games, then you will surely enjoy It incorporates several elements from the battle royale genre and combines it with its survival mechanics. To win the game, you need to survive as long as possible. To survive in the world of the game, you’ll need to find berries or kill dinosaurs for food. can support up to 50 players in a single room,

The game is a lot like Fortnite in the sense that it allows you to build your structures. Once you have gathered enough materials you can make structures that will provide you with safety, you can craft weapons as well using the resources you collect. There are several different materials you can gather. These materials include wood, diamond and gold.

Furthermore the game incorporates both PVP and PVE into a single server. As you explore the map you’ll encounter several dinosaurs that will attempt to attack you. You can either choose to run away from them or fight them in order to get food.

The game is a constant test of your decision making ability. One wrong decision can be the difference between whether you survive or not. After each round of play you get your score, your score depends on a lot of factors. Some of the factors that affect your score are, the amount of time you survive, the structures you have built and the eliminations you get. It’s one of the best designed and feature filled IO games out there.

How To Play

The game is simple enough to find, however, if you’re having trouble click on this link. Once on the game page you’ll see several options. To start playing enter your nickname and click on the start button. Clicking on the start button will take you into the server, and the game will begin with you dropping randomly on a location on the map.

The game has relatively simple controls. The WASD buttons control all the movement; the space button will let you jump or charge. To attack enemies click the left mouse button, as is the norm in most games. To sneak effective press and hold the shift key down. Sneaking can be helpful when you’re trying to get past the AI dinosaurs.

Additionally the game allows you to pick from two maps, the original map of the game which is considerably larger. The other map of the game is called the forbidden garden; it is slightly smaller but has a much better design.

Once you get into the game as is, it can be hard to figure out what to do. You need to start with chopping up a tree and gathering wood so you can craft an Axe. The crafting menu is accessible from the left side of the screen.

Let your adventure in the game begin with these words of wisdom, and happy surviving!


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